Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cambodia Backpack Trip

Yes people. It was long waited. A backpack trip to Cambodia!

Wanted to get away from the busy cities, get along with some slow paced life, experiencing the lifestyle understanding the culture, and of course see with my bare eyes the majestic Angkor Wat.

Tried my very best to note down every single thing which this short-memory-people wouldn't want to forget as I travelled.

*click click click*

Cambodia Day 1
Cambodia Day 2
Cambodia Day 3
Cambodia Day 4
Cambodia Day 5
Cambodia Day 6

Hmm... I guess I'm gonna get myself a video cam before my next trip got tired of writing hahaha...

Which would probably be...


vincent said...

hey just found out about your blog.. :)

Me and wern were in Cambodia too!
9/16~9/20 too bad we didn't met each other. haha ..

I'm planning a trip to India though, in March ! FB me if you're interested .

Jun_Haooo said...

Hey man thanks for the message!
Too bad I couldn't squeeze anything in March. U have fun okay! :)

j-love said...

can i go india toooo? when are u planning? lemme book too, cos they say i should travel in a group to india instead of solo trips :)