Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cambodia Day 1

Touched down in Siem Reap as early as 8 in the morning. 

Were welcomed at the airport by our driver from the guesthouse with his tuk-tuk. Man, this is a much remote country from what I'd in mind before this. The roads weren't in good conditions and traffics were chaotic.

The guesthouse actually prepared a tour around Siem Reap for us, including The Angkor which saved a lots of hard work to be honest.

Floating village.

Kids younger than him work too. 

that's Tonle Sap in front.
the orphanage school.

we bought notebooks for them.

The driver got headache with my driving skills. lol

We got the whole boat for the two of us, which was quite a waste I thought. The driver was also accompanied by a kiddo who kept a sweet smile throughout the whole journey and kindly offered explanations.

Anyway, got quite pissed off when we were approaching the end, they would turn to you and ask for tips. I thought tips were optional, instead of a must.

Next, we started the much excited and waited Angkor Tour!
Angkor is actually a big big huge area containing over 294 temples from the ancient world, some nearly 1000 years ago, and Angkor Wat is just one of them, the grandest of all.

the three day pass for The Angkor.

Fish Amok! One of the famous Cambodia cuisines.

Seafood salad.

"OMG too much of rice!"

us at Banteay Srey.

Bakheng Mountain

Were actually scheduled to enjoy the sunset here at the mountain, and everything looked compromising until 5.30 in the evening, which is 30mins before the sunset. RAIN POUR. all soaked up.

cheap Angkor beer after dinner!

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