Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cambodia Day 2

Our day started off early.
4.45 in the morning! Can't believe I managed to get my lazy ass off the bed before the sky turn bright.

Scheduled to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

Luck wasn't on our side AGAIN as it was drizzling and pouring on and off. Plus the clouds which covered up the sky made things worse.
We ended up taking pictures in our raincoats! Hahaha!
But yeah, Angkor Wat still look so beautifuuuullll!

Angkor Wat was truly amazing.
The holiest of the holies.
The rocks used to build were believed to be carried all the way from a mountain 60 + kilometers away, by elephants and bamboo crafts!
Nothing were used as connections between rocks and all of'em stayed that strong with the help of the weight of those bloody stones. Fuh.

Seven-headed-snake (left:complete one; right:broken one).

Our tour guide, Mr. Nak.

Nah, I won't talk all in details. Read people. Read. Haha.

'One Dollar...' I had heard this for a total of let's say more than 20 times a day. Kids tout everywhere inside outside The Angkor. It must be a tough life to live for them. Regretting for not bringing any candy for them. 'One Dollar... If you don't buy, you'll make me cry...' one of'em said. It somehow broken my heart when I saw tears flowing down her cheeks who hidden herself up behind the big tree.

The tour guide, Mr Nak who speaks prefect English guided us to most of the nice spots for photoshoting where we get to snap from the best angle in each temple. Not to mention the detailed explanation which brought to our amaze.

Look at the ROOTS!


Lucky I wore my pairs of Crocs which dirts could be washed away easily.

Not for the poor sis's TOMS Shoes.

Dropped by the handicraft workshop. The guide there wasn't really good as if he's just concerned about finishing his explanation than bothering whether we understand them or not. Yeah again, tipping. I thought tipping should be 'up to me' but it's like a must over here where they stare at you as you owe them pennies. My goodness.

Stopped at the ruby shop. No shit. Haha.

Got the driver to drop us at the old market to do some souvenir shopping since it was still early. No, I never fancy nor I'm good at bargaining. But trust me, to survive here, you have to. Or else you'll ending up spending almost double of your budget. Yeah, their initial price for a tshirt would be like 5 USD and you can get one at 2! It works the same for everything.

Dinner we had at Pub Street.

The fried spring rolls were bombastic, the roasted duck was okay, and the tomyam was average. Pitcher of 'Around The World' were tasty but a lil bit too much. Haha. Tipsy. No. Dizzy.

Pretty much enjoyed chilling at the cafes after dinner reading.


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