Thursday, 16 August 2012

Penang culture shock

The main event for day two back home was bringing Agung, my Indonesian senior and family around Penang!

Fetched them for the airport and it's two consecutive days at the airport. No, I never like airport.

No, you're totally wrong if you thought I'm gonna introduce Penang to you. I'm just gonna write down some real funny culture shocks I get. Hahaha.

First thing first, Penangnites are really insane on the road that I get honked so many times even thought I though I did nothing wrong. Damn.

Had lunch at the food court New Wold Park. Then his father was trying to order Bak Kut Teh, I tried to help in Malay and Chinese, the went Agung came over we started talking in Japanese, and then that uncle spoke out in JAPANESE! Wtf. We were just sentences away from saying bad word about him. Hahaha. Chaos. We ordered so much, and had my first coconut of the day. Hahaha.

First time on the new cable car heading up Penang Hill. Damn fast I tell you compare to the old one. The tickets, RM8 for locals and RM 30 for foreigners! Watch the gap!

Tasted Old Town Coffee and they liked it. But the waiters gave me some pretty dirty joke while I was asking for road direction. Hahaha. Never knew Malays could be that open. lol

Was shopping for shoes and the shopkeeper also asked where exactly do we guys come from. After hearing so many languages. Hahaha.

And, how on earth all these early 20s manage to afford branded bags?! It wasn't like this back then!

Had seafood for dinner. Crap with salted egg. Fresh sashimi lobster was the main dish. 110 points. The boss again could speak Japanese. And I had my second coconut. Hahahaha.

Bought sugar-cane juice at one of the stalks at Gurney Drive, the aunty gave me a 50 cents change. It was gold in color! 'EHH?!' then she replied, 'this one new one lah!' another aunty beside laughed at me. Haha. Wtf.

On the way back, I used the normal route heading back home, until I came to a junction when I was trying to turn in, just to find that the whole road's been closed. Hahaha. Wth.

Nevertheless, had such an enjoyable time catching up with one of the best senior of mine, seeing experiencing new things which all turned into laughters.

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