Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cambodia Day 6

Cambodia Day 6

It's the last day. Man. It's the last day.

Enjoyed a 5km walk to the riverfront for our brunch and another 5km back. Breezig morning. Blue sky. Shiny sunshine. Soft wind. Friendly tuk-tuk drivers.

This is indeed a good runaway from the hectic life, experience the difference in culture, food and people.

Things that I might regret about, might be not visiting the paddy fields and the rural villages to get away from the tourist-oriented areas. And not getting myself an upset stomach for trying the street foods. Stomachaches often make good stories to be told later on. Haha.

Simpleness of the people, taught us to be grateful.
Warmth of them, reminds us about affections between human beings, and appreciate love ones around you.

The history itself speaks it all.


jo33 said...

u never introduce me yr blog. haha. read yr post on cambodia.Like the way you travel. Mix into the locals :)

Jun_Haooo said...

It's for u to find it out! :P

Chyesin said...

definitely thumb up for your travelling way.
Never thought of having relaxing time when I go travel because I am greedy,hoping I can see as much as I can, go as far as I can.

Feel like going for a backpack vacation after reading your post. very warm and relaxing. Thank you!