Tuesday, 17 April 2012

settling down

heyyooo peeps!!

has been a while. a long long while. sorry about that. being kinda busy over here.
no joke trying to settle into a new place new environment. thanks to the old friends who made things much easier.

it's already the second week since enrolling into the university as a third year bachelor student, minus the one week of orientation which was a hell of bored. haha.

and these were my tweets one week back. I was back again a lil school boy who felt super duper excited going to school huh. yes I am. lol

getting into the second week, when the real lecture starts, you find out some lecturers who are just too hard to be understood. hahaa.

other than the longer schooling period which is 8.50am to 5.50pm, there're nothing else to be complained. no I'm not complaining. :P

other than the academic side, every others are just too irresistibly fun. kind-hearted seniors, close-to-heart friends says it all.
we played sports together almost every weekend.
we had small small parties anytime anywhere we want.
we had big big parties whenever everyone's free.
we watch movies together late at night.
we visit McD late at night in pajamas.
and we play FIFA12 together. lol

once one of the worst decision I thought at first, proving to be one of the best.

life's good so far. really good.
just maybe hunger for that one type of you know. source of energy. c'mon you know it.

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