Friday, 23 March 2012

Leaving Oyama

(writing this on the train to Tokyo)

Man, it's time. I'm leaving the college, the place I've spent the past 3 years struggling, enjoying, and of course growing.

Packing was hell. Tremendous workload until I don't need any extra workout yesterday. Haha.

I swear I'm not gonna add any more to my collection, let it be tshirts pants jackets jeans whatever shits it's called. More than enough. And it kills when it comes to packing. Don't want this nightmare come back and haunt me again in the next 2 years. Haha. (hint hint, if u know me :p)

was waiting for the bus towards the train station and bumped into one of my professor, the cutest one, the cheerful one, the one who always makes fun of me in class, Pro Kikuchi. "LIM JON HAO!" he use to call me this. Yea full name. JON.
Maybe he loves me.
Maybe... Haha...

We talked a lot, yea laughed a lot for sure.
About the past 3 years, he said he could see that I learnt a lot, things should be pretty tough huh, nice classmates I had...
About me, he praised I'm one of the best Japanese-speaking international student he'd ever met. Felt over the moon. Or maybe he meant the noisiest one. Yes it should be like that. Hahaha
About him, he's from Yokohama, usually he stays in the dorm and goes back home during weekends. Ermm nothing really interesting actually. Haha professors usually ain't that open about their private life to us students.

It's always (I believe) difficult to go overseas let it be for studies or working or whatsoever.
Many wants to remain different, wants to remain as a foreigner, always comes to a 'never mind, we foreigners, they'll understand' conclusion which shuts everything up, acted as things are solved. I'm more to the you know, flexible type. I want to be a part of them. Doing things they do, living the way they live. In that way, I learn more, I feel more, I grow more.
Hmmm, I guess I've just messed up this. Hahaha. But tell me if any of you feel this too. :))

Back to the main point...

The way people see you, the way people treat you, as a foreigner. I'm lucky enough to have such kind helpful understanding professor who never hesitate to offer advices and extra explanations whenever I'm in trouble. Yes not all of'em if you've been following my blog of course you know... Hahaa... But I'm grateful, feel blessed to be a part of this family.

A nice 30mins talk with him. What a good way to end my chapter, in Oyama, certainly a tough place, where I grew that much, see that? *making big circles with both hands* yea that much


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