Tuesday, 20 March 2012

thank you mama papa

yo peepsss!!
had been a while since I last write.

dramatic period for the last two weeks.

lost my beloved granny who was sick severely.
always got treated as gold.
one of my favorite blanket was the one sewed by her.
will definitely miss her much.

mum and dad agreed to let me fly back.
wanted to do so badly. totally out of plan.
but I guess it was the last thing I could do as a grandchild.
to pay my last respect.
I guess God didn't want her to suffer any much more.

things like this reminds you of a lot of things.
one of that, appreciation.

one week at home was great.
spent quality time with the family and the friends.



next was...
the family trip to Japan!!!

something I always dream of, to get my whole family here to this land of the rising sun.
wouldn't be here without them after all.
too bad the elder younger sister couldn't come along. gonna bring her here someday. yea someday.
owh ya the relatives tagged along too!! :)

I must admit I'm wasn't really a good tour guide. hahahaa

it was the first time I wasn't in a sad mood heading back to Japan. hahaa

we had toast bread, coffee and tea buffet in the hotel for breakfast for like 3 days??!! hahaa

saw sakura for the first time ever!!

ate nice Korean dinner...


ate yummy-lious sushi!!!

ate lots of strawberries!! hahaa


saw Mount Fuji!!!

went up to Tokyo Tower!

went to Tokyo Disneyland!!! 

met Mickey yooo!!!

enjoyed nice wine at T.G.I.Friday's

it was my graduation day. :))

parents attending my graduation ceremony

me representing all receiving the excellent student award yoooo!!! :P

the karate master

the friend's ex. hahahaa

the prettiest of all ahahahaa

with the best friends!!!

diploma graduation certificate

excellent student award. heheheee

and the golden medal yooo!!!

excellent presentor award. it was about the presentation of my final year research. love this. :))

wouldn't reach this far if it wasn't all because of my parents.
wouldn't gone through all tough exams without dad's intelligency.
wouldn't gone through all tough periods without mum's rationality.

dad's brilliant-brain combines just well with mum's kind-heart made me one of the best creation.

not gonna let them down. never.

long way to go.
it's repay time!!!
time to show some gratitude!! :))

hope I made them proud. :))

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