Sunday, 26 February 2012

finally a break!!!


final presentation for the college life is... OVER!!!! *jumping up and down*

presentation never really a nightmare for me honestly...
it's the preparation... the PRE-presentation... could basically take my breath away...

as usual, I got so nervous. no not during the presentation, it's during the rehearsal session with my own lab lecturer. he's the guy. he's the guy who could give u the kick straight on your face. haha.

unexpectedly things turned not that bad compared to the previous and I didn't actually had to change most of my things. incorrect Japanese were one of the mains. times back then it was bad. really bad. my slides were all over. things weren't really complied. the orders were in shit mess. mentally stressed for the whole week. I remember. 4 months ago but it felt as this happened last week. haha. hardly believe poor memory people like me keeps these bad moments clearly. hahaa

got stuck particularly in this ONE slide of mine. got the help from labmate, the lecturer, yet couldn't find the perfect way. decided not to change it as it was already the day before. gave up. went to bed. tried to get some sleep. it was 3 am. 

4 am. I was still awake got my labtop on, corrected and finally got the ONE slide of mine done. hahaha. 1 hour thinking in the dark did some help on it. fall asleep in the next hour. 

presentation starts at 8.45 so these were my alarmSss...

amazingly, I found it was 8.30am when I was awake!!!
bloody shit. hahahaa

yes I do admit I'm weak in early mornings but not once (as I remembered) ever being late for something important. 

the day before I was here and there telling friends making joke that what would happened if I overslept. damn.

thank god things went pretty well. thank god I corrected that ONE. :))

of course we do have the usual Q&A session. the professors and classmates were so kind as usual to me. didn't come up with some real tough and chicky questions to you know somehow bring you trouble like others got. yes I got just a lil bit disappointed with that. being a foreigner the thing you always wanted is to be treated equal as the other locals without getting any special treatments or worse still getting ignored. 


you know I have other 3 mates in the same lab, so there's this guy, T did his presentation and then there comes the Q&A session. One of the lecturer (without any evil intention) threw a question and asked for T's assumption. T gave his idea... and the next moment, our lab lecturer stud up and said, " それはうそだ. That's a lie." fuckingshit that's the last thing you want to happen during your presentation. getting back stab from your own lecturer in front of everyone. of course everyone burst into laughter but none of the 4 of us felt good. I guess T got the worst. that's the kind of lecturer he is man. I don't know whether it's because T never really put effort in his research and let the lecturer himself down or what but, reality is something really cruel.

8.45am - 8pm. it lasted for 11 hours. everyone had such a hard time sitting there listening to others. many dozed off of course. at the end, normally we'll have our class lecturer to give his speech and guess what, our class lecturer who's going to retire next term, meaning this will be his last time here giving his last words, instead the lab lecturer of mine who was invited up. yes, everyone got some really serious you know soft advices. 

man, I couldn't believe I survived through the whole year living under the such strict monitoring. when others could joke and talk whatsortever with their lab lecturers, 4 of us were always concern about when the lecturer is coming to check on us. haha. I actually do laugh to myself flashing back about these moments, but trust me, those weren't really good times. probably the period I got my mental strength trained so much in such pace, in this 21 years of mine. hardships build one up the fastest I believe.

no doubts I grew a lot. in many many aspects as me myself could actually realize as it happens all the way long. yet in the end you still feel so tiny. presentation skills I guess was the best example of all. comparing with other labs I guess ours were one of the best group around. yet in terms of those terms, proper Japanese, there're so much left to catch up for me.

weekends after these are the best.
rested for the whole day for Saturday. doing nothing but things I wanted to but couldn't be accomplished all these while. (one of'em FIFA. haha) having all your time just for yourself once in a while gives you that kind of happiness no other could understand but yourself. 

Sunday enjoying recorded tv programs weeks ago were marvellous.

ダウンタウンDX ...

and the favourite 松本人志...

lighten up my day...

next up will be some self-upgrade-projects...

gain some weight

eat more fruits

skill up Japanese

cuddle with the uke

tonight is the night...
Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur!!
the North London Derby!!
the big day!!
of all us Spurs fans!!
all COYS!!
all yids!!

I bet no one gonna watch the Carling Cup final. haha.

cheers people. enjoy life!!

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