Sunday, 12 February 2012

a fun trip to Nikko

oh yea the final exam of my college life ended few days back yooo!!

it's unbelievable to have as much as 8 subjects to go for as a final student. other friends had like.. ehmmm 5? 3? some even 1??!! haha but you know some times it's not all about the test it's about the time spent with pals which you might not meet ever again after March. this is sad.

okayyy, so we had our own foreign students' trip to Nikko after exam!! 
it's one of us Tochigi residents' pride other than our strawberries. haha.

it was -5 degree in the bright and -15 in dark. *brrrrrrr*

(please bare with some unclear photos as I forgotten the camera and all I had with me was just my phone. hehe)

us having fun on the way.

view of one of the rest stop. spot the mountains behind!

they-so-called-not-tasty-lunch. haha. it was OK for me though.

we're finally here!! me for the third time at Toshogu!!

hear no evil speak no evil see no evil.

my first BIG LUCK haha

dinner. this was just the initial dishes placed and thosands brought out lil by lil. yummilicious yoooo!!

I had a quick chat with the teacher in charge at one of the souvenir shops about alcohol and during dinner he gave the 'green light' for us to have wine before food, and also treated us my favorite sake. haha

winter fireworks.

we stayed in one of the best ryokan ever. lovely friendly staffs who you know bug you to hell during the morning if you haven't wake up for breakfast in the morning. haha. the old folks were just so cute. 

another best thing of it was the hot spring. HEAVEN!!
they had the open air one and lucky us it snowed quite heavily while we were in. 
could be better if one of us brought us some beer. haha

oh yahh we even sang birthday song to the birthday boy Thomas The Chef while in the hot spring. no better experience for the birthday boy I would say. haha.

what else. it's fattening shits supper time. haha.

you know it's gonna be a long night once it started. it was really good talking with everyone or anyone, especially when you had some alcohol before that. okay, it was basically me the one who talked the most. haha. I don't know why but I just love interactions. talking to people listening to people understanding people listening to people's life getting into people's life(?). yea that's probably the best thing to do on earth. man, I do hope to get a job like this in future. 

not gonna leak anything discussed that night but while you talk you know more about yourself and I surely did. honestly it had been quite a tough period for me for the past few months. being single again after such a long time. and for sure things couldn't be forgotten you know as quick as you guys thought. especially for people like me. things weren't really going good for each of us and decided to called it off. it wasn't really that bad at first but got deeper as time past by. no choice but I guess that's the best for both of us. I do really hope so. grown up to be a better person I guess the both of us. saw her growth and yea did feel mine. on the bright side, I finally got over it. all ready to write a new chapter of that part of my life. from the bottom heart of mine, thank you for all these while you certainly made a big part of me.

okayy sorry I know this supposed to be something more about Nikko. 
going back to the pictures...


me with my Indonesian junior, Elian at Yutaki.

with the fun bunch of juniors at Senjyogahara.

Japanese lunch.

Kegon no Taki.

Kegon no Taki.

with the lovely couple at Kegon no Taki.

Thomas The Chef!!

if any of you knows 楽しんご you'll get this. :P

owh this was the birthday party after we got back that night!!

just wanted to share this too. haha

it's fruit granola!! one of my favorite breakfast!!

it's one last week until the end of school. yea just officially but I still have my presentation on the 24th this month. couldn't believe this all going to end soon. gonna enjoy to the max.

till then people!! 

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