Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 4. Namdaemun. Toudaemun. Namsan Tower. New friends.

Nah, didn't really managed to wake up early, AGAIN. Had the breakfast at the guesthouse, toasts and coffee. Free coffee, u can't expect a lot. You can find thousands of coffee shops along the street here. I don't know why perhaps the Koreans love it?

Namdaemun Market.

very delicious egg bread. looks delicious lah I didn't buy. haha

Hottoku!! very nice I love this.

looks at the queue!!

Namdaemun, and the big gate burned??? Since when?? Shit I went finding for it for like 30mins? Hahaha. 

Tried lotsa hawker foods again. Then sat into a road by stall, wanted to just try the chijimi ONLY initially and I ended up with a hell of dishes with Makkoli! Korean rice wine, very smoothing. The portion was too big so I just sat down having my own sweet time, chatted with the guy maybe the son of the stall owner, who was sticking stamping the holes of the stall around, telling me they're poor. They actually speak good Japanese u know, so we chatted for quite some times. Everyone's reaction for me studying in Japan, "u rich? Kanemochi?" "You're clever? Atamaiidesune" hahaha. Hell NO!! So, I got to know why the Namdaemun got burned. In 2009, some perverts went crazy, and set it on fire. That's why they're rebuilding.

Toudaemun. Ta-da!!

What the hell. Another place under renovation. Guess my luck went off today. Haha.

Just having my own sweet time walking along the street without any specific destination. U guys should try this. I don't know why I love it.

I end up reaching the palace I visited the other day. Wahaha. Got on to the subway went to the City Hall.

Ice skating. Oh la la. If only there were some companions I would go for it.

Deoksugung Palace.

the olds in front, the news at the back.

Walked to Namsan Tower, which is also known as the Seoul Tower. It's Christmas, couples ONLY all where. Haha. And I didn't managed to get up to the tower, the line up was so long I gave up. Walked to MyeongDong again. Haha. What else. Shopping. Controlled myself as I don't really have enough space, I mean my bag. Haha.

can't believe I'm doing this. haha.

Namsan Tower aka Seoul Tower.

Bibimbap for dinner.

Got back around 10 something, and it was the first time meeting the Japanese who sleeps under me. He arrived maybe 2 days ago but it's like I come back late he was already sleeping, I wake up late and he's already out. Haha. Me, Blair and him had great time talking to each other, oh and also his Korean girlfriend through FaceTime. We used Japanese + Korean + English! How cool is that??!! They were a bunch of kind friendly funny people. Love'em.

they were discussing about Kanji. hehee

Oh ya, I'm gonna have Jimmduckk for lunch with them!!! Woohoo!!

I miss Japan out of a sudden. Told Blair and he totally understands how I feel coz he felt the same too when he was traveling in Japan. Man, I wanna go back. Haha.

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