Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 3. Changdeokgung. Bougeunsa Temple. Coex Mall.

Yea who could wake up early after a night like that. My day started from 11am. Haha.

Followed the Australian, Blair for lunch at a ramen shop nearby his university. Very nice and funny guy. Found out that one could never love both Japan and Korea, it's either one. (I don't know that's what I felt. tell me if u found one :)) I'm obviously the previous one, the Australian and Thai are the latter. They says how much they like Korea what's so good about Korea, comparing to Japan, very interesting. Both Japan and Korea look the same maybe on the 'surface' but no, lots of differences in the way they act, not so sure about how they feel but I guess they won't be very similar.

Went to visit the palace. It was OK. Time wasn't suitable to take the free tour so jz walked alone around, putting my ears on those tour guides around, there were English, Chinese and mostly Japanese, so I just listened a lil bit here and there. Fixing puzzles. Haha. Followed the tour for the Secret Garden inside, believed to be the place where the royal families and high officers spent their times with the king.

it was freezing.
highest temperature in Seoul was like -5??!!
lowest around -17??!!!

Christmas Christmas Christmas everywhere. I went to the Bougeunsa Temple. It was quite late so not many people, so scary. A place which offers temple stay for those to meditate or something like that. But not as much things to see as first thought.

Went to the COEX Mall, the biggest underground mall in Asia, according to Blair. Yea it was like a maze inside. Phew. Amazingly I bought nothing. Haha.

Christmas Christmas. Merry Christmas.

I guess no one could really understand the feelings of being a foreigner unless u've been one. Hmmm... Very hard to be explained. Haha. Especially u know, Chinese, Korean and Japanese doesn't really differ in terms of outlook, and they'll just assume u're one of'em, throwing a thousand words of their language whenever u enter the restaurant, u go blank, saying, 'Hannkukk oh, no no!'(trying to say I don't understand Korean) then things turn really messy, they get fed up, just pointed where u can sit, all of these without a smile, not even a fake smile. Haaaaaa. Not use to us who lives in Japan. That's one of the culture shock.

A cute Korean girl was kind enough to help me out when I wanted to take the train. She checked using her phone, speaks just Korean other than 'U' 'this' 'here' 'there' haha. Very funny very kind, but didn't really helped me. Hahaha. No problem, I'm happy. lol

I'm getting really used to the Korea's subway now. They don't give long names to the lines like in Japan, instead they use numbers, which makes life much more easier. Even the stations are numbered.

Fuhh, got shocked as the lady sitting beside me in the train now started talking on her phone. It's something came instantly straight into ur brain. I'm too used to the Japs. Hehe. But yea, different people, different culture. We're all in one world. No problem.

It's Christmas, couples dating everywhere. Oh yea, I'm walking alone. Oh sad. Oh emo. Ahaha.

Got back, just wanted to settle down for the day, there came Kim, one of the share owner of the guesthouse, "heyy what u guys doing here? It's Christmas Eve! Let's party! Let's get drunk!!" sounded so fun that I couldn't reject him. Haha. Koreans are crazy like the Japs. Met some insane S'poreans bitches. Haha. By the time I went back to the guesthouse it was around 2 in the morning, there were heavy traffic jams, mostly cabs stopping on the road side waiting for those drunkers. The street went really mad. Yea really mad. It wasn't really the best Christmas eve but it's certainly the craziest I had. Merry Christmas!!

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