Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 2. Korea. DMZ. Insa-Dong. Myeongdong

Early morning. 7.30am. Went down waited for the bus. I booked this tour to the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone between South and the North Korea. They were supposed to fetch me at 8.20am but erm maybe I'm just too used to the Japanese style it's normally the departure time when u mention a specific time, so I was so anxious and worried about it, finally the bus came at 8.27am. Haha.

So lucky, there was a Malaysian family just sitting behind me. Malays who speaks perfect English. 'tabik' to them. Cool parents who were kind enough to talk to me.
Visited the 3rd tunnel, believed to be build by the North Koreans in a way of trying to intrude South Korea. Observation Tower, where we can see across to North Korea. There were soldiers all where kinda strict with it and I actually got warned for snappin photos of'em when there were on the bus checking our passports. No big deal though. Haha.

Visited the 3rd tunnel and most of the places, photography is prohibited. too bad.

u snap any photos across the yellow line, u'll get shot warned. haha

train track towards North Korea.

The tour dropped us at Insa-Dong, the street of culture.

I was starving and headed into a random restaurant, ordered a kimchi soup set meal, almost burned my tongue. Years since I last at spicy stuffs u see. Haha.

Visited the only Buddhist temple in the center of Seoul.

Walked around Insa-Dong, a very nice cultural street. Tried out a few kinds of road side stalks, very nice, very cheap. I don't know since when I started to have the Japanese thinking, which leads me to just line up and go for those stalks with long lineups. Haha.

love this place!!


this guy gave great performance with the ice cream. fooling the kiddos, and also me. damn. haha.

this brown sugar liquid inside dropped all over my gloves and camera. haha.

the only starbucks in Korea written in Korean instead of the normal English. 
it's said to preserve the modernization of the street.

even Skin Food!!

these guys selling honey-made-sweets.
were singing all way long in Japanese. so entertaining so funny. haha

some kind of electronic thing where u can send a postcard of ur own instant photo.
sent one to my dad but he didn't check his mailbox til I asked yesterday. haha

Went lost finding the way to MyeongDong, but somehow got there after walking without the sense of directions for 20mins. Haha. Lucky me. Roadside stalls were so many all the way long. Treated myself some snacks, didn't really ate a proper dinner actually. All stall foods. Nice but not that cheap. But the main point wasn't about the food, it's more about... SHOPPING!!! Sales all over the places. They have H&M, Zara, Adidas, Gap, Giordano plus all the cosmetic shops, Natural Republic, The Face Shop, The Body Shop, and many more. I guess I didn't saw any guys carrying more bags than me. Haha. I'm broke. Haaaa!!!

Got back to the guesthouse around 10 something, put my things down, went down to the street to have some drinks with the Thai at one of the bar. Max, Coss, Fukne all those Korean stuffs. Nice. Cheap, compared to Japan. We both chatted till almost 2 in the morning. Hell. It was fun sharing listening about experiences of others. Making new friends.

What time I slept? 3am. Phew.

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