Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 1. Busan. Seoul. Hongdae.

Note: I'm writing this down bit by bit as I travel along, so that I do remember every moment of it. :)

My supposed-to-be-honeymoon started with nightmare just when I was trying to leave the school compound towards the bus station. Today supposed to be the last day of school for the year 2011 but I'm carrying one big backpack at the back, one small one in front, smuggling out from the school. Haha. Thank god no one noticed.
Second scare, I felt asleep as usual on the train to the airport, woke up in a sudden, finding the train stopped at a station, 'Narita'. "Oh gosh, I'm going to Narita right?" grabbed all my bags and jumped off the train, just to realize, "eh, this isn't even the airport, the train station is in the airport, not in some open air space. Haha. Embarrassing.
Checked in, had Subway for lunch. Sms-ed my sis showing off I'm going to Korea, she showed off she's going back by FLIGHT. Haha.
You know airports in Japan, they announce in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Felt nighmareSsss are waiting for me. I don't understand a single word. 'annehaseyo' or 'kamsahamida'. Tat's the only ones I know. Haha. Owh and 'Mashisoyo' which means delicious, learned from tv. Haha.

This is the first time I felt damn lucky despite not sitting beside a kawaiiii one-chan in the plane. He was a kind free lancer programmer. Made my first friend of the trip and guess what, he offered to be my free tour guide for one day!! Heyyy, that's much better than a kawaiiii ne-chan which's just for the comfort of ur pair of eyes. It was a great 2 hours flight.

Kimhae airport. Got onto an airport limousine bus to Gepo station as I'm going to Seoul.

 Limousine bus, worse ever experience. "Gepo station, ok?" the bus driver stared at me, gave me the look which explains he doesn't understand, but then simply nodded. Haha wtf. Next, even the bus speaks ONLY Korean!!! GAH!! My mind was speaking to my heart all the time. "分かるか" "分からんって" "あかんって" "やっばっ" yea, speaking in Japanese inside myself, swearing in Japanese all the time.
Then there came a lady sat just across the pathway, I asked in English, she replied in Korean, I explained again in English, she continued again in Korean. Haha. I showed her the map, asked her to tell me when it reaches there, pointing the map, pointing myself. Haha. Damn. In the end i actually managed to get down on the right bus stop, with both of us not understanding what the other talking. Man, body language. This is gonna be lotsa fun! Hahaha.

1 hour to go for my train bound to Seoul, I got into a nice coffee shop. 'Champagne Shower' was playing but no one could speak English. Haha. Luckily they had English menu. Pointer finger did all the work. Funny part was when I wanted to go to the toilet, just in case they don't understand the word 'toilet' I looked up in my travel book and memorized. 'Fajyanshiru'. Wth, they don't understand 'toilet' and I had to use 'Fajyanshiru'. Korea freaking mad. Hahaha!!

On the fastest train in Korea(?) now heading to Seoul. God bless may I reached my shelter safety. At least for today.

Got to the guesthouse around 10pm. Goddamn I don't have enough Korean Won with me. Had to pay the guy tomorrow. Felt so sorry. It's a dorm kinda like of thing, there was one from Thai who's a tour guide over here, an Australian, a Canadian. Pretty cool. Went out to the streets, it's 10 something at night and man, thousands of youngsters thousands of clubs bars. Holy shit. Had my supper. Nah, just from one of the road street stalks. Toppoki yooo!! U know, not easy having a meal, without understanding any bit of the language. The worse thing, I was so anxious about the people, how they eat, I left without paying!! Once I noticed it I headed back and took out my wallet and showed that old aunty. She just smiled. I guessed she herself forgotten about it u know, amazed with this foreigner who comes back, showing his wallet, saying 'money money'. Haha. Wtf.

Came back and there were some girls in the second floor of our room, erm some kinda loft thing. Japanese oh yeah. Felt so comfortable talking to'em. Ahaha. :p


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