Monday, 19 December 2011

it's all about Toyohashi

four of us, the guys had a short trip to Toyohashi.
yea, tat's where four of us, many of us gonna continue our degree. 

started out quite fun, as we gathered in Tokyo on Friday night for dinner before the journey.
yea, how could Tokyo turn out to be bored huh.

the braaather Sze Yang was so good to find out this particular old vintage restaurant, located in the middle of the big city, Shinjuku.

most of'em were like 'hungry ghost' yea so had to go for the second round.
yea things won't be complete without these. alcohol.

late night bus isn't really for me seriously.
couldn't really fall asleep and when I was just gonna do so, the bus would stop for a rest or it would be 'we'd safety reached Toyohashi' damn.


we got down for a Oden break. haha

that's the nearest train station from the seniors' place.

curry udon. marvelous(?)

oh ya, should be saying this from the beginning but we were there for the sake of finding our apartment for the next two years.

lets pray hard things could be settled soon. or at least get a comfortable home.

last but not least, a big THANK YOU to the seniors who were kind and generous enough to pick us up early in the morning, showed us around, gathered to have dinner with us small kids. haha

feels so good playing the uke after quite some while.

practicing this.


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