Sunday, 25 September 2011

meet my new gf

we kinda met each other at Ochanomizu...
she was hanging there, just right near to the doorstep of the shop, full with hot ones.
so classic, looks a lil bit chicky, yet with a sense of elegance.

an aNueNue... 
a concert size...



no lies right? :P
(wat were u guys expecting? a hot chick?) lol

yea, picked up a new ukulele, more importantly a quality one.
gonna get myself well trained yea.

met up with a senior, Agung, who's always there for talk, laughter, and serious advice.

and it was a brilliant Saturday following up with a win from Tottenham but too bad Man United dropped their first points of the season to Stoke.
and I kinda found out something in me. 
Man United was always just a like, and Tottenham is a real love. 
my heart beat says it all. :P

weather is getting colder.
it means autumn is finally here.
no, i'm still not getting use to the cold, or let it be i enjoyed the heat much.

tomorrow marks the start of the last semester of college.
gonna kicked it off serious, and hopefully end it with a high note, proudly.

had thought of priorities for the last 4 to 5 months before enrolling into university...
and i would put it as, self-improvement.

p/s: meanwhile, thinking where to go backpacking (along) during my one-week winter break. any suggestions?

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