Sunday, 30 October 2011

stress released

seeing how long i've not been writing here, proved how busy I'd been for the past month.
mainly with the lab research, which made me stayed back late, and got too exhausted to hang out or do anything except resting through every weekend.

but, not til this weekend!!
presentation was on Friday, our lab was the first to present.
things didn't turn out right from the start.
my slide's animation went crazy, going to the next next next and next without me clicking. damn.
luckily one of my friend offered to click'em for me, and managed to finished in time. :)
also thought I did pretty well for the Q&A session, which lasted over 3 mins.

after that, it was T.G.I.Friday!!!
honestly the first time I get to feel what does it mean by T.G.I.F.
yes, I do need some rest, relaxation after all those stress physically, and mainly mentally.

4 of us gathered in Tokyo for a late, full, sumptuous dinner. 

OUTBACK restaurant

appetizer #1

appetizer #2

appetizer #3

my lamb chop

our BIG dinner

first liquor of many :P


then next it was PARTTAAYY time!!

spot my head!

shop selling costumes

the guys!

a big news here!!
guess who we met in Shibuya...
he's the main singer for the band TOKIO!!
the main actor in the drama My Boss My Hero!!

and we met him twice!!
once was around 1 m far, the second time he was just standing beside me!!!

there goes my first time meeting an artist in Japan. :P

Shibuya at 5am

shivering in the cold

Saturday was fully for resting.
watched the big London derby where Arsenal strike 5-3 against Chelsea.
wat a good game it was.

addicted to vege juice, orange juice, apple juice these days.
certainly much more healthier than beer for games. :P

Sunday... so far so good... finishing next-week-deadline reports...
playing the uke...
gonna catch some game on PS3 later, trying my new game, Batman!!

owh, meet my new bought carpet. loving it much.

have a nice week ahead people!!

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