Monday, 5 September 2011

end of my best summer break ever

1 month flew by...

and the clock ticks to my heart beat...

as school reopens tomorrow.

I thought it wouldn't be much different as most of my holiday spent in lab,
but no, still the same old moody day before school.
damn, this time worse.
final exam comes in a week time.
I remain zero,
only god knows if I'm capable of turning into a hero in one week.
god bless.

looking back for the past 1 month, it had been really great.
I've done many things, experienced new things, didn't really made any new friends but certainly did close up with some old friends, some really good, interesting one, which was... hmm... good enough I guess.
the best thing was, summer's heat doesn't scare me anymore, in the other hand, excites me.

no, not going to list up all the things I did, it would be a become a full bloody long one.
(nah, it's actually I remain a fuckin' moody shit now since morning, but forced myself to blog. gah)

like others(?) I did set up some target, or maybe some mission for this summer, and yes, again, like others(?) there're some parts which I failed accomplishing'em.

first - video editing. hmm, I actually did started on this, by doing research on the free software on net, and downloaded one, and actually get started. so, for this 'mission', the only knowledge I got was, rotating videos. yes, wtf, rotating videos.

second - getting a part-time-job. I did do my part, getting around, asking around, going for interview, but things didn't went well, as the amount of rejections I got during that 2 days top more than my whole life. wth. anyway, great experience.

third - studying Japanese. yes, I mean leveling up. no, I didn't work on it.

forth - read more books. no, I read, but not as much as I expected to. fail.

I guess tat's it?

anyway, a good thing for today, was I found a great website providing ukulele's chords for nice songs, and I'm working on'em.
yes, just if my mood wasn't tat bad today, I would have tried more songs.

good luck and enjoy ur September. :)

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