Monday, 29 August 2011

new yet familiar hobby

so it's exactly one week before school reopens.
not a really good timing but guess wat...
I got another new yet familiar hobby! 

check it out yooo!!

say HI too my UKULELE!!

no, music isn't something new to me,
so is a string instrument.

thanks to my long experience in piano and a short one in guitar,
got my done with a childhood lullaby in 40 mins.

man, I'm quite impressed with myself!!
holding it at my first attempt,
tuning it with bare ears, (as my electronic tuner hasn't arrived)
trying to learn it right-handed as a natural left-hander.

oh my, I'm happy!!

*sorry if I sound a bit cocky* :P

here is what I get after training 40-min-non-stop.

N.U.M.B.N.E.S.S & B.L.I.S.T.E.R

kay, I'm gonna share one of the secrets.
don't spend much time solely just on plain chords,
instead put urself straight into a song (yes, following the cd), and make urself catching the notes up.
no doubt u're gonna struggle at first but the outcome is faster.
my point, learn from the hard part.
for those who learns anything.

and for those who don't play any, there're tons of nice instruments waiting to be explored yoo!!

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