Monday, 22 August 2011

Quick Update

yoo people!!

it's 2 weeks before my summer break ends!!!

came back from a short vacation with friends...
we went to Enoshima Island and Kamakura...
a 4 days 3 nights trip passed in a glance.

first day we went around the island...
no, it's not suitable to really go with your buddies...
more for a dating spot I guess. hahaa

many first experiences we had, and the most unforgettable one must be the surfing part!!
most of u out there must be thinking surfing is all about standing, balancing on the board rite?
so did we at first, but it's not.
surfing is mostly about paddling, towards the sea. hahaa!!
time spend balancing on the board wasn't most than 10 seconds, and it might be shorter if u fail, and drop. lol
nevertheless it was great!!

too bad that I lost my voice since the 2nd day, and couldn't really talk as much as I could, I want... :P
3rd day we went visiting temples around Kamakura, an old city in Japan famous with it's temples, and a big statue of Buddha.
and we actually walked around with yukata on!! it was a brilliant idea... by, of course, ME!! lol
wearing the Japanese's traditional costume, walking around an old place was (again) great!!

we could actually save more, if we didn't went for gorgeous pricey dinners every night! hahaa!
nvm, I'm actually finding ways to earn'em back. :P

it was my birthday!!
spent the day in Tokyo, I got to tell u, it was the worse outing ever! yes, u get it? EVER!!
I'll keep them to myself, so does 2 other buddies of mine I guess.
just too embarrassing to say it out. lol

oh, yea I turned 21.
nothing specially actually, no obvious changes (checking my body :P)
my wish : to have the freedom to live my own life. do whatever I wan to, try whatever I'm interested in, really being treated as an adult. (yes, u know who I'm referring lah :P)
but that's life isn't it? getting to the 21st year of my life, guess I should have the freedom to do what I want. time ain't gonna wait forever. no one knows how long one's spam is. appreciate and live urs too!!

and, my family never fail to make me happy, especially on this special day. mum actually kept asking whether I get any letter or not before this, aiyaaa I would be too stupid not to guess something is there. haha.
but dad mailed them to me, and I checked'em on the train back. few drops of tears and I decided not to read on. yes, call me emotional-king. lol

both my sis also wrote one. no, theirs turned into laughter, as usual. hahaa. :))
they have the sense of humor I have (maybe a lil bit lesser :P), and share the cuteness too. :P

Aunty Sundaram, who also always have me in her heart, posted a birthday card to me, all the way from India. She went for some prayers and meditation kind of thing. I'm such a lucky boy. :))

also, a special handmade card from a special person. the best one I ever received to be honest. thanks a lot! :))

then, today...
it's my mum's birthday!! hahaa
no joke, it's real. swear. :P
just called home... normal chatting...
and get to know that granny is at home... wasn't feeling well. :(

there comes the feeling like it has been years since I last see them, in fact it was just few months ago.
decided not to go back for this summer, mainly because I have to work on my lab work, research...
and also, not wanting to waste my time.
once u get back home, ur comfort zone, u tend to get loose, relax, ur brain turns down or maybe hibernate automatically.
in the end, nothing learned.
of course the best part is u spend quality times with family and friends...
but... yea, nothing much to talk about it, 2 more short weeks. haha

gonna fully utilize'em...
accomplish missions set before this...
to be a stronger person...

cheerss!! :))

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