Thursday, 4 August 2011

great day with kids.

and so, my volunteer activities continued...
this time at a primary school nearby.

it actually happened that in Japan while all the students have our summer break,
but then their parents still have to go to work, and sent their children back to school everyday for a daycare kind of thing.
not all but just a few of them.

then, the primary schools came out with an idea of doing some culture exchange with some foreign students around...
and they found the volunteer society which I'd been contacting since,
so yea we're there. haha

*wonder why I suck in explaining today... but nvm, let's continue... *

they welcomed us with big open hands, 
even greeted us with 'Selamat Datang' 
this is how Japanese can be so into DETAILS.

oh, me and my mate, Dong Sheng went together.

basically we introduced them about M'sia, and, yes that's it. haha
they enjoyed seeing different kind of temples, mosques, then comes to delicate...
but I bet they love the tongue-twister the most! they kept repeating it on and on without needing me to guide them on. haha.

*damn, ok, i shall not talk*
enjoy the pictures, question if u're interested. haha
scold me m*****f***** blogger. lol

we joined them for their daily afternoon tea break, served with a piece of fried onigiri, ice-cream, watermelon, jelly. (oh, tat's the order I ate them. haha)

another thing I was impressed with, was they even held their own story telling time.
each of them, with their pairs will take turns delivering stories to everyone during the break, and they did even better than us. :P

see, they even decorated the place with our M'sian Flag, and it's handmade.

even souvenirs!!

how would volunteer be something bad to do?

at the end of the day,
volunteer isn't all about giving...
maybe, you earn more than what you gave. :)

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