Sunday, 7 August 2011

Heat in Tokyo with the GUYS!!

getting a good weekend, 4 of us went for a GUYS' DATE !
ur eyes ain't blur, yes, all guys. haha!

Omotesando Hills, Harajuku.
isn't the place for us to shop, but certainly a nice costly place for a nice date... or maybe to peep for those... hmm... haha!!

Dong Sheng was so excited to find Luis "Bitton" (tat's how the Japanese pronounce), where he decided to get his mum a gift...
yes, of course it remained a plain joke. :P

Sze Yang's so happy finding the pink belt he wanted...
hmm, this one was my choice for him but he bought the other one. lol

Ling Cheik, got his RayBan after finding out I'm wearing one. :P

This is the service u get, for paying something really expensive. Hahaa.

cake buffet at Sweet Paradise yoo!!
where we found out how could cake-fobia feels like. hahaaa!!

went to stock in for my face mask, introduced to'em and each of us bought more than 10 of those. lol

a nice outing couldn't miss out the last part, the alchohol part! :P
and, of course with the secret revealing, love talks, exchanging opinions session.

man, I'm gonna miss Tokyo after this! :((

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