Tuesday, 9 August 2011

something simple but meaningful

these are things I found on twitter and facebook posted by friends, 
which I find pretty interesting,
especially for people like me, 
who finds himself,

not just reading these,
but ur unpredictable life.

1. This piece of photo.

2. This line of blog link.


sinyin ^-^ said...

a nice read, at times i too find that i m trapped in this life, the hussle and bussle of it, thking wad life i m living without time for my ownself? for the things that i enjoyed doin instead of all books exams and notes lol, maybe we are jz another insecure bunch, lost in doin things that are expected to be right. haha, but i thk its like monsoon season, once the rain subside, you will find yorself in a bright ray of sunlight again :D

junhao said...

@sinyin ^-^,

thanks for ur long and encouraging words.sometimes, trying to live, and do things as if today is my last day in this world, but sometimes, it just doesn't work that way huh... life, is a pretty deep thing.

sinyin ^-^ said...

maybe that's the reason life is interesting, never too easy i guess. :P anyway, just try to enjoy most of it haha :D

叶子 said...

Omg I like what written in the photo so much!!!!