Sunday, 31 July 2011

Growing up

yesterday, the first day of my summer break, was a great one.
there's a volunteer body in my town which I had been keeping contact, and they had their yearly home-stay program started yesterday.
nah, i wasn't there for the home-stay program. i was there to help out.

there were koreans, chinese from the mainland.
not as kawaaiii as expected though. haha

2 years back, the japanese uncle aunties ran up and down for us, preparing this and that...
they were the host, we were the customers.

2 years from then, i'm among them, preparing for the newcomers, running up and down, getting to the location earlier, getting started earlier.
we had the traditional japanese tea ceremony for everyone.
so while they were doing it, we (the other staffs, which were all uncle aunties) took our break.
chatting about things since the start, how did their home-stay program started, which was actually a request from the M'sia embassy.

they're all freaking kind people, who are the relatives of mine, here in Japan.
gonna treasure the last 5 months before I leave for a... hmmm better place?

for the meantime, enjoying every second of mine.
hope u people out there too yoo!

oh, and there comes the urge of getting a traditional Japanese yukata... or maybe a jinbei would do... :P

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