Friday, 29 July 2011

when shits happened

oh yea, here comes my summer break!
not a long one, just for one whole month.
minus all the days i had to go for lab works...

but, i finally get some free time to give myself some relaxation,
take my own sweet time doing things i've wanted to do all the while.
don't have much of my own time lately, hmm... maybe 8pm-12am? 4 hours in a day. great.

just wonder, if only one knows when bad things are going to happen, then we'll have some times to get self-prepared.
hmm... maybe not, instead of preparing, worrying i would be.

shits happen, yea always, all the while, all the time.
not that a big deal, when we're just a bloody mankind, among billions around the world.
wipe away ur tears,
and move forward.

have a great summer everyone!

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