Sunday, 16 January 2011

the wide wide world

weekends always come late, and end just before u'd realized.
mine was good if  wasn't great for this week.
pace was slow. really slow. haha.

there was a English Day Camp organized by my English teacher.
it's just a english talking session with some of the natives for few hours.

today was my second one, and without doubts it was nice.
we had John from Crystal Palace, England and Eric from The Philippines.
two good-looking gentlemen (ehem, three actually including me. lol jkjk.)

not many Japanese attended. there were just 8 in total.
we started yea of course with some self-introductions.
names, nicknames.

for your information, 'bananas' are called so because they have yellow skin, but something different inside.
never knew about it, or maybe I've forgotten about it, though being called so all the time. lol

John and Eric took turns introducing themselves, and of course their nations.
I must say they were really really good.
because seriously I can't wait to go!

anyone ever confused about England, Britain, and United Kingdom?
I do, I mean did, and did do some research about it.
kay, lucky enough, got a native to explain everything about it. :)

(refer to the map above for clearer image about it)
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland are different countries, with their own government.
Britain represents England, Scotland and Wales. NOT including Ireland and N. Ireland.
United Kingdom or we always say U.K. is the combination of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and N. Ireland.
clear? haha.

although they're all different countires, they're all under the England queen.
no borders between, so passport ain't needed to cross over.
according to John.

football and music are their life. lol

poor Eric, didn't really had much time for Philippines after long Q&A session with John. haha.
so, Philippines...
they had the world biggest mango, weighted 3.5kg.
bananas found in Japan are mostly imported from there, so our main topic was actually BANANAS. haha.
they make a lot of cuisines out from bananas.
one of them is the maruya.

ever heard about 'banana cue'?
from the word barbecue. Banana cue or Banana Q (TagalogBanana kyu) is a popular snack food in the Philippines of deep fried bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar. Banana cue is made from a type of banana called Saba. It is usually skewered in bamboo stick, and is sold on the streets. The skewer stick is just for ease of serving and eating. It is not cooked on the skewer (as opposed toGinanggang). The term is a portmanteau of 'Banana' and 'Barbecue' (which in Philippine English refers to meat cooked in a style similar to kebabs).[1]
*for those who are too lazy even to click on the link. :P

had been to Philippines for once, not London.
but yea can't wait for the chances to come man.
anyone joining? :))

guyz, the world is wide, way too wide for us to explore in one life I suppose.
people use to say it's a small world when it comes to meeting people, but when it comes to culture, nah, it's a lifetime journey, learning.

let's get kicking!
(come on, stop wasting time facebook-ing! LOL)

monday in another few hours, have a great week ahead.

ohya, Tottenham is taking Manchester tonight, knock them out Spurs!
end up their unbeaten record for the season! yea!
I've given up on being a Manchester United fan, turning to Hotspurs.
for those who haven, be fast!


Chyesin said...

like your explaination on Uk and Britain.. i learnt something new !!

go UK ar, can join ar?? hehehe..

yea, the world is too wide to be explored, to costly to be traveled.hahhaah

junhao said...

good for u. :)
haha, go with ur bf man... lol
yea, u can afford it if u learn to spend wisely. :P