Tuesday, 18 January 2011

the minor

as usual, the lazy lecturer came in.
as usual, he was 10 minutes late.
as usual, distributed some exercises and made us do'em.

he found some evaluation forms inside one of the desks.
it was meant for us students to evaluate our lecturers.
something like we get to circle like 5 lecturers who we thought did a great job,
and just a lil space below to write down some comments if there are any.

he was damn lucky to actually flipped through it and saw his name.
nah, not being circled but being mentioned at the comment box.
someone complained about him being not committable enough.

hell, we're done.
i firstly thought.

he gave a glance,
and said . . .
'if each and every lecturers are that committed, everyone of you will die of stress.'

*i leave the rest to your own imagination*

people, let's TWEET!!!

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