Tuesday, 11 January 2011

the end, the start

was a great one for me.

guyz, please, it wasn't because of what u guyz thought.
it's something else, no one did really noticed but yea it meant a lot to me man.
blah. whatever, who actually cares. :)

MSAJ (Malaysians Students' Association in Japan) had our Annual General Meeting at the embassy.
it was great, trust me.

look back, i haven't been writing for ... who knows how long but yea it was for some times.
and, i'm BACK. MUAHAHA!

heavy burden is off.

ehem, not totally though.

finally, i started my university entrance preparations.

engine power turns ON.
don't stop me, u'll get urself hurted. ROAR.

my new year resolution will be the number, 1, decided today, on 11/1/11.

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