Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The girl

she entered the train.
headed to the corner to get herself a seat.
wasn't settled.
she tried a few times pushing herself, moving her butt, until she felt comfort, I guess.
her toes tapping on the floor, as she could hardly touch the ground.

there were strips around her neck.
one of them must be something like an identity card with her address and parents' contact written on.
she flipped her phone.
had a glance,
flipped it back.

she opened her backpack, took out a book.
before that her pencil case.
tidied her hair,
started reading.

I was reading, too.
just wasn't as into it as she was.

'Omiya, Omiya desu' *sound of the train conductor*
she packed,
got her backpack on.
tidied her hair,
adjusted her hood from strangling to her backpack.
it was a red one.
and, she got off.

No kidding, I was attracted.
She was just 4 foot half.

(I actually wrote this down on my notebook on the train, too precious to be forgotten)

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