Friday, 3 December 2010

17 year-old 'kids'

This maybe the day when I feel youngest this year.
around 30 high school students paid a visit to Oyama NCT this morning.
they were under a homestay programme organized by Kelab Antarabangsa Hiroshima.
they spare a 1hour session for us, and it was really great I must say.

(though at first they made us wait for around 30mins as they were guided around the school.)
they were so... YOUNG, so... CUTE
most of them just finished their form 4, so they're like 17 and i'm 20. 
not such a big gap looking at the numbers but I tell you, it kinda was. haha...
the way they talked, the questions they asked were like yea.. you know when you were a high school student back then. 

the talkative me, of course didn't waste the chance to show my immaturity. haha...
I talked, they asked. 
they stopped asking, I asked, and talked.
in the end, I'm the one talking and they're the one laughing. lol
yeah, it was the case at first.
things went different when we had our lunch together.
I was like a lil boy there being said this that bla bla all the way round man. No kidding they're good at 'shooting' people. high school girls,wat do you expect huh.
the questions they asked changed too of course.
from about college, courses, they were like 
'eh, so you got Japanese girlfriend?'
'why didn't find one? cuter than M'sians eh...'
'you have girlfriend or not?'
'you had girlfriend before?' just before I tried to say my answer, some, 'sure got lar...' lol

then of course, they asked for a photo session together. just in a small group we were split into early.
but it didn't end just like that, for sure.

things were quite fun, 'kids' were very very cute. haha
what a great day.

hmm, until I went back and checked on my camera for the photos. non of them were clear. NON! wtf.
guess I'll just wait for their add in facebook then ask them to send some to me. hopefully they are some kind 'kids' haha.

*just thought of noting down these as soon as possible so that I won't forget. short memory I have. but yea, I'll share the photos one I get'em*

p/s: I just exchanged a name card, with a facebook contact on it. wtf.


Chibi-Ryougi said...

nice one bro, keep it up, looking forward to more "kids" posts from you lol

junhao said...

Hey, thanks! I can if there're still kids pay visit to me AGAIN! lol

A person on Earth said...

hahahah.. that must be us! XD