Tuesday, 13 July 2010

WC 2010

It came to the end at last!
puts an end to sleepless nights and sleepy day, back to normal life. I supposed so with everyone too. :P

Unforgettable moments in this 1-month-length tournament.
1st- The sound of Vuvuzela during every single match. No doubt it was irritating but yes we did had a typical world cup didn't we?
2nd- Frank Lampard's 1-meter-across-the-goalline been disallowed. A whole bunch of bullshit refeering for the whole tournament.
3rd- Luis Suarez of Uruguay who actually handed the ball as if he was the keeper which denied Ghana a victory. It was nothing until he was actually being held as a hero. A guy who smashed a country's football dream in such an inappropriate non-gentleman way called as a hero. Gosh, what had this world turned in to?
4th- How rude the OranjeSss were and they would easily ended up playing with 9 mans, yet they're the one who complained the most after the final whistle. Embarassing football.

My favourite team of the tournament. *please take note, it's MY favourite team*
Goalkeeper: Richard Kingson (Ghana) He's third choice(?) in Wigan, been released yet sparked.
Defender: Sergio Ramos (Spain) Offensive defender is my type. Nice hair with cool hairband around it ; Marcus Tulio Tanaka (Japan) Typical central defender, can't stop dribbling forward; Gerard Pique (Spain) Almost the same type as Tulio; Yuto Nagatomo (Japan) He's tiny yet big.
Midfielder: Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany); Wesley Sneijder (Holland); Keisuke Honda (Japan); Arjen Robben (Holland) I just love passing football.
Striker; Diego Forlan (Uruguay) His goals were just fantastic; David Villa (Spain) I guess there's no need to explain about this huh.

Impressed team: Japan, they played as a team.
Unimpressed team: England, they sucked. *what should I do with my pricey jersey??!! :P*

Fashionable kit: Spain. (Luckily I didn't get one as there's an extra star on it now. Ha.)
Unfashionable kit: Brazil. Speechless.

Likey boots : NON OF THEM!

Wish to own these! Someone get them for me as present? :))

Ok, weeks to my final. Got to work more on my books. Chaoz.

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