Sunday, 11 July 2010

Football Friend Girl Money

Here came my favourite class of the week, I mean every week. Ha.
3 lose, 2 draw. Looked pretty ugly.

Buddy from Nagaoka NCT, Hong Yao was here for a badminton championship held in Oyama. Yea, didn't give up the chance to catch along with him as me and Dong Sheng cycled all the way to the hotel he stayed and spent our night chit-chatting at COCO's. Of course the main topic was how he tackled his girl. lol. Other than that, not gonna reveal it here as it might be about you, yea you who are reading it now. Haha. 
3 guys actually chatted for 5 hours? Amazing huh.

3.30am, we reached our dorm. 4.00am after ofuro.
So, guess what time I woke the next morning. :P

Hot. Humid. ARH
Spent my afternoon hiding in the tv room, with the aircond switched on.
Reports... Studies... At least I did some...

6.40am I woke. Is there anyone who gets up from the comfy bed at such early hours? During weekends? During Sunday??!! Gosh.
Komaba International House, AYNJ meeting was it. 10am was the scheduled time and I reached early as usual, 9.40am. As expected, no one was there and I spend almost around 1 hour chatting with the 警備員さん (guard). Haha. We got close since the ASEAN Festival, as he was the kind guy who helped me out the day before with the PA System and all stuffs. I just simply throw a question to him, asking whether there're any M'sians staying there and I was surprised to know there actually are some. Haha. From there, he starts to talk about a M'sian girl who looks as cute as a doll, their so-called-idol and he never stop until mates came. lol. Too bad, he said today's his last day working there. Got complained for being too friendly with the residents there. Hmm... there should be something behind. Nevermind, I'll live with that reason. :P

Meeting finally started at 11am, exactly an hour delayed. OMG. I shouldn't be that punctual next time, should I? The main discussion was about our next event and one of those is Education Forum. Honestly speaking, I'd never been to such forum before nor had any experience in this. For the first time I did felt so so so small. Most of them were Undergraduates, Masters, PhD(?) and me, I'm just a tiny unexperienced naive college boy, BOY. >.<
I just can hardly get into it, so does the Japanese who sat beside me who is actually just a year elder than me, 20 years old. God, I'd plenty to learn man.

After that, we, Wei Tze, Ben and I went for the Indonesia Festival at Yoyogi. Wei Tze, is working in a big company (sorry, I forgotten what was it called) who is also the founder of AYNJ, and Ben, our MSAJ president lar. Back to the festival, wasn't that big after all, but the crowd was. *grins* The line even to get a plate of nasi goreng was like a 50-minutes wait, yet the Japanese were patient enough for that but not us. Ben sugguested to at least get something light since we'd walked all the way there, so we lined-up at the shortest lane, just to notice that was just for drinks. haha. lame. 3 singing stomachs couldn't wait and we head to Shibuya for our meal. Oh ya, the place smells like our pasar malam. No joke, it really does!
We had Thai food in the end. Surprisingly I got to know each restaurant mentioned by them despite staying out of Tokyo, and quickly stopped them from getting into a Indian cuisine shop which it's tabehoudai (eat-all-you-can) wasn't that impressive. I should stop hanging around Tokyo during weekends. :P
It was all interesting conversation starting from Komaba International House-Yoyogi-Shibuya-(CaoThai)Thai restaurant. Both of them are big seniors of mine. I'll tell you how big, a gap of 6 years. Haha. But still everything was fun, great. Did gain a lot, didn't lose any. lol. Wei Tze, a 社会人(working people) cares money more than we, but we do have a common topic, ehemm... you know it yourself. :P

Phewww... finally I come to the end. It had been a long week. For the next week, only one thing I'm hoping for, which is, not to get stucked in front of my TV!!! Dramas and tv programmes are undoubtful addictive. I should work more on books rather than tv programmes which I often use 'I'm learning Japanese' as an excuse. :P

Viva España~

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