Friday, 16 July 2010


Here comes Friday, there comes weekend + an extra holiday on Monday, Marine Day. Means we have 3 consecutive holidays! Woots!

Ok, so on Weds our class teacher decided that our class vacation is compulsory for everyone, excluding international student, ME! Ha. Sadly enough it falls during the summer break where I'll be in M'sia that time. Everyone is heading to Hokkaido, 3 days 2 nights for a bloody cost of 50,000yen (rm1800++). That's almost the cost of my flight ticket back to M'sia. Haha.
What surprised me is that a friend of mine, A, who actually planned not to join it got pissed of with another close friend of him, B. Our class teacher decided that if there're anyone who doesn't join it then he's going to cancel the whole trip. After learning about this, A felt sorry for the whole class and decided to join them, yet B is too stuborn or I mean selfish(?). Ok, you don't get the point of me telling about this don't you? Neither I do. lol
Nah, just kinda touched.
A sits at the back row, seldom pay attention in class, comes late and goes back early sometimes yea sometimes, had different colors of hair (I saw grey, gold, brown, red, pink), he got suspended from school for 1 week, my best friend where we share heart-to-heart-talk, stupid jokes, teaching each others' mother tongue, laughing like hell (and some unrelievable ones) during class. He's my kind. I just can't get into the groups of good students. Ha. Wait, don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I'm that bad k. :P

Next, 輪講 another troublesome subject we have next semester. It's sorta like lab work where we do research in groups, a preparation before our individual research in our final year perhaps. Headache about the lab selection. What should the priority be? Theme? Personal Interest? Lecturer? Lab mates? Arh. Someone help me out. :((

Talking about priority. . .

Talked with mom on the phoned for about 30 mins and she reminded me of my main PRIORITY coming here to Japan. Ha. OK mummy, I'll remember it now. Don't worry. (But actually, the non-prioritiy ones which kept me going. :P)
Finals are just around the corner. Time does fly. I finished my mid-semester test followed by organizing ASEAN Festival, got myself some rest and here is it, my final.
By the way, why the hell we have 18 subjects, for a final exam, for a college student? Duh.

Ok, it's getting hot, humidity level is rising, that's why I'm typing in the tv room, with the air cooler on. Perhaps I should be more eco? :)

Lastly, check out my desktop background.


eidrag said...

this is what my teachers said about lab selections:

So, you better pick the one that you'll be enjoying to do it, and do not matter what you'll be chosen to eventually, 'cause if you do your job properly its all matters!

junhao said...

@iedrag, yeah true enough, but I'm considering choosing the one with cool labmates. :)