Friday, 25 June 2010

Culture 'not so' shock

 As usual, I went for my bath in ofuro.
As usual, there were juniors inside and they were like greeting here and there. (Juniors MUST greet whenever wherever they meet any seniors here. I mean for those who lives in the domitory.)
Just when I was enjoying rubbing my body *grins* there came a junior and volunteered himself to rub my back. Yea, RUB MY BACK.
Of course I rejected him. Haha.
I didn't felt anything odd about it at first but just realized it's my first time being asked so.

Juniors treat their seniors like king but not the same towards their teachers. I wonder why.

Japan isn't the place where you won't get any culture shock, but the most I suppose.
No worries but I've already got used to it by now. :)


晴天雨 said...

lolz... well, mayb u can ask him 2 scrub ur... err.... XD
btw hw did he offer himself 2 scrub ur back in nihongo? haha...

junhao said...

先輩、背中’なんとかなんとか’しましょうか? lol