Saturday, 3 July 2010


Weekend is here, nah it will be gone soon enough before I (everyone) realize.
This week will be the odd one, without any Tokyo trip. lol
God, going and returning from Tokyo every weekend seems to be my weekly routine.

Friday = Jasmani ! Yea, who actually hates it? That's the only remaining time where I get to put on my boots and have a few runs on the field and kicks on the ball. Team changing once again, and the 'coach' obviously our jasmani teacher would pick the star players out in case a all-star team came out if everyone been chosen randomly. Been called up for the first time as the so-called star player! *proud proud* Nevertheless, my proud-ness lasted not long as we went on a 4-losing streak plus a 0-0 draw. I got frus. I got rude. I bang I boom. 'リム、やりすぎだよ!''Lim, you're getting too over man!' Wat the hell. At least better than you guys who stood there like it's non of your business. Duh. I'm gonna bare with the same team again next week. No . . . :(

Got my results today. Not that bad, not that great. Good enough provided I'd been busy replying mails and settling things for my first ever BIG event. Heads on books yet minds on asean fest.*trying to find excuses* :P
Next event on list > Malaysian Night. Thank god I've about 5 months to get things right. It feels like studying is my part time job. lol

Spent the whole evening checking on flight tickets back to my beloved(?) homeland. Should have thought of it earlier, just if I'd more hours in a day. Hopefully can get everything settle by next week and I get to concentrate on . . . my studies!!! :P

I wanna learn Spanish,
I wanna learn Italian,
after I get my Japanese done. Haha

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