Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hi guys. It has been a week since I last updated. Sorry but I'm just too busy. Another ordinary weekend this time, would be the same for the following week too. Here comes the exam periods for every mate of mine in Japan, and the first for fellow juniors who just arrived last March. Enjoy it man. :)

For me, it's not only studies that matters. There's another ASEAN Festival thing bugging me. *grins*

20th of June, 2010. Yes, it's just around the corner with exams coming before it. Hectic time for all indeed.
Yes, expecting things to be hectic + tiring, I got myself a BOX of energy drink. lol. It's not something new as I often get it from the vending machine everytime I can hardly open my eyes during outing. Haha. But it's the first time I bought it in such a big number. Blame Jusco. It was once that I went shopping for grocery and my trolley was so empty as what I wanted were either finished or too pricy that day. Yea, that's why I dropped this box into it. lol

FIFA World Cup 2010 as known is just around the corner. 13 days more to go when everyone gets fever. I mean football fever. Not for me, I'm on fever for 365 days a year. Haha. Before I get to pray for England, I shall pray that Japan's tv is boardcasting it. And please, not by just showing Japan's matches. I bet, even when there's a match between England vs Spain and Japan vs (erm...) Nigeria, the latter will be shown live instead of the former. 

Do enjoy this song as well. :)

Mentioning about  football, it was yesterday's jasmani class came to mind. I scored a volley goal man!! I got a pass from one of my teammate, stopped the ball and shot while the ball was still bouncing. It was straight forward to the opposition's keeper and he gave a punch on it. The ball when sky-high and when it was heading towards the ground, I manage to blast it in the net. Gosh, I volleyed a ball height around my chest! The Japanese went 'Limu rou~'. They meant Lim roars? lol.

And to my dearest loyal readers(do I really have any? Haha), I might not be updating for the coming week. Yea, studies as my first priority kononnya.

All da best in you guys' exams mates!

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