Sunday, 16 May 2010

Weekends come slowly, goes rapidly

No special activities for this weekend.
Got myself enough rest after a hectic week.
Again, reports. Lazy bums like me can hardly get myself on the chair, facing the table, working on reports.
Nah, not me...

And, these are things where I found much more interesting than reports. Ha!

 焼肉 (Japanese BBQ) Buffet for last Sunday. 

Cakes for dessert.

Then today's lunch we had at an Italian restaurant just right opposite my college. Although it's just right in front but let me tell u. I never stepped in before. Haha. Of cause we do always have our meals outside especially during Friday nights and weekends. It's just the matter of feeling where we just want to cycle to a farther place to have our meal. Just imagine, our daily life is just hmmm, domitory to classroom, domitory to Jusco (which is just a 5 minutes cycling distance) and the other way round. That's why when it comes to meals outside, we prefer a far place. lol

Tuna Doria.

10,494yen coffee??!!

And, here comes the surprising part. They serve coffee which costs 10,494yen (RM378)! Haha. They blend gold pieces together with coffee beans? :o Stated down there, 'Antique coffee set as present.' I doubt they make profit with this. Haha.

Next BIG thing is, I'm on a bread party! Sat night I went to Jusco and bought along a 8 pieces loaf of bread. Sun afternoon, went to 業務 supermarket bought another loaf of 8 pieces. ARh! What was on my mind. ><


So, how am I going to finish up them before these get expired??!!

Self-made chicken sandwich. :)

Yea, so this is my dinner of the night! *trying to finish up my breads speedly.* lol

Last, another snack. Hot & Spicy flavour of Pringles is in the market. Give it a try guys. Damn spicy I tell u. Not Japanese rating but M'sians! :)

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