Saturday, 20 March 2010

'Sudden' Trip to KL

' So are we going to KL anot tomorrow? ' ' Got go lah! '
That was the conversation between me and mum the day before we set off to KL. Few days back we weren't decided whether to make a short trip to either Cameron Highlands or KL but went for KL since we can drop by the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia located over there. Tell you why later lah. =)

The start of journey to the south.

Just right before dawn, we started our journey as it would just be a 2 days 1 night trip, won't wanna waste any of our times to lepak-lepak around KL on day 1.

Had ourselves checked in in CORUS hotel, Jalan Ampang. This is the second time for me and my parents to stay overnight there as we stayed there during the trip they sent me to PPKTJ @ UTM 2 years back. Located a stone throw from KLCC makes things easy as KL's complicated roadways may makes us furious. Haha.

CORUS Hotel.

My both sisters, girls ( u know lah ) as usual would surely want to get their hands full of shopping bags, got dad to drive us to Bukit Bintang.

CIMB KL Open Squash Championships 2010.

We were best in luck as there was a squash competition held right in Time Square Mall. Always wanted a great view of squash ( hoping to see Datuk Nicol David ), excited like a 3 years old lil boy, squeezed into the crowd to have a look. Nah, tak-de Nicol David oso lah~ *Disappointed*

Had our tea-break at Papa John's Pizza.



Fisherman's Catch Pizza.

Breadstick was awful especially it's served with the pizza's sauce. Cheesestick, hmmm... Fisherman's Catch, so so only lah... Sorry for Papa John's fans ><


Bukit Bintang t-crossroad.

Had dinner at a Hong Kong restaurant in Time Square. ( Forgotten what's the name )

Chicken set.

Traffic lights colored drinks of mine and sisters'.

Dad and the girls. =P

Mum and I. =)

On the way back to the carpark, mum went to have a look at the OGAWA Fair at the main entrance. The squash competition was still on but this time with bigger crowd around it. Wondering who was playing ( NICOL ??!! ) I walked forward once again. Haha. And guess what?

Tada ~ Datuk Nicol David in action!

Datuk Nicol David in action 2.

Datuk Nicol David leaving to get some rest.

It was an honored chance, clapping and cheering for Nicol from the stands ( I mean from far away lah. Haha). Heard about her, read about her just never ever saw how great she is with my own tiny eyes. Lol. The whole time square was like shaking whenever Nicol get points (claps) but it was like *clap clap clap* for the am-mo lang. Haha. Thats the enormous advantage for the home side. =) Just in case you guys didn't know about it, Datuk Nicol David and Datuk Lee Chong Wei are both from Penang, and I'm a Penangite!! Our Pride. :)

KLCC shot from the car window while waiting for the red to turn green.

Look! We're staying in the executive floor man! Just not executive room. Haha.
Ok, lame enough. ><

Supper of the night. Mini Flavored Cheese Cakes from The Loaf @ Pavilion.
Thumbs up man!

D-A-Y 2
Start of with breakfast of course. Got ourselves typically Malaysian breakfast. Sure gonna miss it. :(

From left : Teh tarik, Roti Canai Telur, Half-boiled Egg.

Then, to the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. Must be wondering why we were there right? Actually dad wanted to enquire about Monbukagakusho Scholarships which is offered by the Japanese Government to foreigners. Not being informed why, but handphones and cameras are prohibited. Had to leave them at the guard house and have a body scan. Maybe they scared terrorist may use handphones as a bomb? Lol.

Visitor's Pass.

After having lunch and window-shopping in KLCC, we were off back to Bukit Mertajam. =)
Had dinner stop at Bidor.

Fruit stalls along the roadside.

Wantan Mee.

Herbal duck leg mee.

It was RM6 per serve! No doubt they tasted great though.

We didn't really get caught in traffic since the first day and thought we were lucky enough, but not at the end. Tada ~

Heavy traffic jam.

Thanks to road blocks. Maybe to saman those who got caught by speed trap. =)

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