Saturday, 13 March 2010

Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu

13th of March, finally I'm on track getting my car driving license. *Haha* I know, it's kinda late compared to those who normally gets them when they reach the age of 17. ( I'm gonna be 20 this Aug ) LoL. Being 16 when I'm in form 6, went down to PPKTJ, KL just before my date of birth then headed to Japan last year made things really tough for me. Hopefully everything goes well and may get a P as soon as next year. =P

So, for those friends who keep letting me tumpang their cars ( U know who u are ), it's time for repay !

2 lectures just BLA through the whole process, telling us 'horror-stories'.
( A car langgar a motorcycle and the driver died,
drunk driver went wild and knocked here n there,
. . . ) LoL.

Boring mixed with lil bit of fun though. =)

So, what's next besides getting through the book and get ready for my undang-undang test !
( Rumors said that it's enough to look through the CD provided. Is it true enough my fellow friends who passed this years ago? HELP!! )

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