Monday, 7 December 2009


My exam's timetable. Hehe

Ate a total of 6 pieces of fish during the outing we 10+ foreign students of Oyama had at a restaurant. As kinda celebration.
( I'm bad in cooking fish, that's y I ate that much. Haha. )

French toast after exam.
( This time I tried with some honey, do differ a LIL bit. ) =)

Revision for the Japanese Language Test.

Cycling at 8am on Sunday.
On the way to Hakuoh University for my Japanese test.

Does it looks like a way towards heaven? Haha. That's what I thought.

These was the picture of the bridge.
Took on the way back after the test, around 3.30pm.

Yes, I was too 'HIGH' after that test, decided to take some photos on the way back.

Experiments' reports. ARH !!
2 weeks before my winter break, it would be 2 report weeks !

At least something to be feel happy of after my exam, is i finally got my tv from my Indonesian senior. =)

Thanks to another M'sian senior of mine, Safwan who didn't mind to let me share his antena.
Yes, I know it's small, it isn't that clear. Haha
But it's good enough for me to brush up my Japanese speaking level. HOPEFULLY =)

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