Monday, 14 December 2009

Oyama-Kisarazu Gathering

Oyama College & Kisarazu College's Gathering have been an annual activity held at Tochigi (where Oyama College is) and Chiba (where Kisarazu is) by turns. This year, (un)fortunately, it's Kisarazu's turn to be the organizer for this annual PARTY. Fortunate enough for us, 3rd year student that we had the chance to pay another visit to Kisarazu when we're in the 5th year, unfortunate as we're the one who had to bare for the long journey on bus. 4hours?? #$%^&**#$%!!

12/12 Sat

We reached Kisarazu College at 1.30pm, it took us another extra hour than expected due to the UNexpected traffic jam. And, our visit to 1 of the nicest soft cream factory and have some on our taste bud was cancelled then ! @@

As engineering students, instead we went for a energy park. Sorry, I forgotten what was the name, what to do, my mind was on the soft cream. Haha. It was kinda boring though. The only great thing was we had the chance to drive a solar-energy car. I paired with Bao Cong, a senior from Kisarazu College and he kindly gave me the chance to handle the car. No, I cant say I drive the car, I handled it. Haha. Just when we both put on our safety belt, I turn to Bao Cong and told him, " Eh, I no license . . . " Hahaha. Luckily nothing happened and we reached the end SAFETY.

We then had another long journey to our hotel. Nah, not impressed either. I think we had too many such gathering things organized by the foreign students' society and we tent to think that the accommodation would be better than the last one. ( Yes, we do stay in nice places, before this ) The ofuro wasn't amazing either. Haha

We had our dinner, those traditional japanese meal and then had some walk at the 5mins-walk distanced Jusco and Yamada-denki (electric). The last was the best, no doubt. It was the best moment at nite. We guys all gathered together. Malaysians, Indonesians, Laotian, so the only common language among us was just, Japanese. We played the game Mafia throughout the nite, with Japanese. I must admit it was TOUGH. Haha. We wasn't satisfied with the result quite a number of times and ended up starting a new round once again.

4am, lights off. ( Me, Dong Sheng, Ming Rong, Agung who shared a room still crapped for quite a while with the lights off. Romantic huh? Haha. Anyway, that Ming Rong just kept saying ' I'm the police, I'm the police " . Just for those who was with us that nite. =)

12/13 Sun

We went to the Kamogawa Seaworld. One of the famous places in Chiba-prefecture.

The main attraction there was the shows. I'd been to numberers of such seaworld places but there are some performances which were fantastic.

#1-Dolphin Show.
The dolphins themselves even walk on the water surface !

#2-Whale Show.
The whales carried their trainers with their mouth and can even throw them into the sky. Haha

#3- Sea lion Show.
It was quite a unique one from them, a story-line based performance.
One of the scene which appears in most TVB drama series, the mother was crying. Haha.

#4- Beluga Show.
Ok, it was bored. Most of us fell asleep. One of the specialities of this species is it have soft heads. Do u know marshmallow? Yes, exactly. Haha

Then we headed to the restaurant to have our BUFFET lunch.
Yea, we just love BUFFET meals over here and it's quite common compared to M'sia.
Thumbs up for the Karaage ! Might be the nicest I'd ever taste !! ( Hong Yao, do control ur saliva if you read this. Haha )

It was a 2 days 1 night gathering among us. Short yet enjoying ( + tiring ) I must say. =)

p/s : Loads of reports left for me to do. Instead of doing reports during weekend, I went for this trip. Instead of doing reports since just now, I was updating my blog. Haha. Ok, I'll do it now. ><

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