Monday, 9 November 2009

Bloody Weekend

Went through a weekend which non of anyone of you outside there would wish to have.

Classes from 8.40am to 4.40pm, Monday to Friday, almost fully occupied everyday. This may be the worst. No one can ever understand how important weekends are to me, a Japan college student. I was happy like a kid gets his candy when the the clock struck 4.40pm and the bell rang on Friday. Another weekend full with activities huh? It turned otherwise though.


Woke up late, and a big part of my day past just like that.
Spent my whole afternoon on my report. I do hate reportS ! I had 2 to be done, but there's still 1 left unfinished. Arh ! I wonder if there're any maid service, no, not to clean up my room but to help me out on reports. Haha. ( I do have a damn clean room where no other guys have k ! No doubts. )
Dressed up, get on my bicycle ( my only transport over here. Poor huh? Haha ) head to Jusco. Just when I wanted to get out from my college, I found I hardly can move my bicycle fast no matter how hard I paddle. Looked down, Oh My Godness!! Tayar pamcit la~ Went back to my hostel, changed on my friend's one. You know what, it cost 1000yen++ to fix a pamcit wheel over here. It's still standing still outside my hostel now, with a flat wheel at the front, left undisturbed. Yes, I'm still praying that it may get fully aired one day by any angel. Haha.
Chicken curry was my dinner's planned menu but sadly my throat wasn't feeling quite comfortable. Didn't want to take any risk of getting ill, I decided to cook miso soup udon ( Went to Jusco to buy Udon ). Miso soup- Japanese style soup, I bet most of you may heard before. Udon- Japanese noodle too. Haha.
Sneezed throughout the night.
Finally, something slightly good did occur late at the night. Enjoyed a nice football game between Tottenham and Sunderland. Tottenhan defeated Sunderland 2-0 with some great play, with Darren Bent ( a former Tottenham player ) got a penalty saved. Haha. Let's hope Tottenham finish this season just behind champions Manchester United as runner-up. Haha.


Yes, 2 consecutive days waking up late. Normal for a student isn't it? Haha. Yeah, I'm a normal man.
Finally I had my curry cooked. :) Had to finish all the curry paste mum posted to me before I go back man. That's my mission.
Did some studies. Arh. Studies on a Sunday??!! I must be nuts.
A boring weekend continues with reports and studies again for the night. Can someone just pull me out from hell.
10 mins more to one of the biggest match of the season. Chelsea vs The Greatest Ever Manchester United. ( See this oso know who is going to win la. Isn't it? ) Haha.
OK, gonna prepare some champagne to celebrate our win. Chaoz~

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