Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bloggin' is a cup of tea, but I like coffee

A BIG 'HI' to everyone !

Haha. Seems years ago since I abandoned my blog.

As my title sound, I just felt that blogging just ain't my type.
Sitting on my chair,
facing my Toshiba screen,
typing, and
typing. Haha

May not be a super duper dread long post anymore ( I suppose ), maybe just some short updates from me. :)
Facebook or Msn or Email or Watever me if you're 'interested' la. Haha

Anyway, it's just the start of nov ( should be autumn isn't it? ) but the temperature is going down with an extreme rate. Non of any morning when I have the 'semangat' to push away my 'futon' and get out from bed.
Thinking from the brighter side, it may snow over my place !
Tochigi-Prefecture, Oyama-Town where I currently in, seldom snow. Hopefully, tomorrow ( or maybe someday ) when I'm out from bed, give a look outside my window, it's snow ! Haha.

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