Monday, 19 October 2009

A 'Busy' Week

I'm finally back crapping here once again ! :)
Not because I found back my so-called 'feeling', I got fed-up with my report. Arh !
You guys must be wondering what kept me so 'busy' for the week before huh. I shall just brief through it.

Last week, was the first week I attended for my experiment class (実験). Honestly speaking, experiment doesn't really makes me down yet I prefer it to sitting on my chair, copying notes as written on the blackboard, dreaming. Yes, lectures don't really help but the notes do. Haha. Ok, back to the point. I didn't have experiment for the previous semester but I had practical class (実習). Basically it's quite alike with experiment except reports are written for few weeks instead of every week. And now, for my second semester, I have both practical and experiment classes!! Kill me man!!

'Bandul'. (I remember we called it so during high school. Haha.)

Spring experiment (sorry I don't know how to translate the title from Japanese to English. Haha) was the first experiment. It wasn't hard, I mean it was easy. But the tough part comes after the experiment was over. REPORT time ! Damn lousy broken Japanese makes my day tougher. Just imagine not having writing reports on your own without any guidances plus in a language that you don't master well just right yet. It means hell man !

Leave out from the experiment topic as my head is full with those experimental terms. *Dizzy*
Ok, stepping forward to the next one. We had an outing with all foreign students in my college to a sushi shop nearby. (not near pun la. 20mins cycle.) It's a celebration as all of our 5th year seniors passed their respective university exams. (University exams are needed in order to continue for our degree as a college graduate.) And guess what was the great thing of all? It was a buffet for all of us ! No, it wasn't a buffet type shop, but those 5th year seniors treated everyone of us. It's a tradition actually, so it's not too far to become my turn to belanja. Haha

One of the 4 tables.

Clock on my iPhone showed half past eight by the time we finished our buffet, and we decided to go for bowling and some opted for billiard. I was a first timer but gosh, I must say that I do have a hidden talent in bowling inside me man! Haha. Anyway, we had fun throughout the 2 sets of game. The day continued with football matches back in our hostel. Chelsea and Liverpool lost came together with a Manchester United victory over Bolton can't make my night even better. :)

Bowling lane.

Those was back on Saturday, and on Sunday, I . . erm . . washed my bed sheets, cooked my lunch, done some part of my report, slacking around. Yes, basically nothing important to write of about my sunday. Haha. Getting late, reports left unfinished, revisions undone. What am I up too now. *Laughters . . . continued with . . . yet . . . just laughters*

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叶子 said...

in the beginning do report is like dis one. especially when textbook or notes r useless to refer, haha. mayb can ask help frm ur group member, or ur tutor..aftr do few, u wil knw how to make it smooth..duno wat to say, except ganbate again haha.