Thursday, 24 September 2009

It's going to be Fall but I'm not going to fall !

Pink --> Green --> Red

Was how the color of the trees standing by the road just right in front of my college changed. This is the very first time of mine, experiencing season changing in my 19 years in this planet. Unexplainable, but I just have the feeling that I kinda love the season autumn. The clothing (of coz is girls' la, guys' don't change much), and also the color around, red! (yea, that's my favorite)

Red-ish tree. Nice isn't it?

Today was the first day of school reopening after 2 months of summer break. ' Classes ' no one loves it rite? Neither I. Back to school wasn't something I waited for, yet it came so soon.

Waken by door knocks of D. Sheng, ' U no school today?' He asked. It was not long ago when I found out it was 8 am by tat time ! Gosh ! Once again, I missed the tenkou (attendance-taking). We were informed yesterday tat the list of how many tenkou-s been missed by students was put up at the notice board. And not much differ with wat I expected, I missed a total of 4. (now 5) Haha. Brushed by teeth, took my breakfast, put up my clothing n way I went to school.

As expected, test papers been given back after lecturer gave a briefing about wat we're gonna do for this new coming semester. I was the last one called, n I took it. ' Hah ? Huh ? Haha . . . ' Was wat I told myself. First I was stunned, wondering why, and lastly realizing (I mean realizing I wasn't tat confident to get good results. Tat's y i laughed to myself). It wasn't tat bad actually because I found out tat the lecturer made some 'small' mistake in his counting. I got it XX + 10 marks in the end though. Haha.
Going through those questions, these are some silly mistake made by a fool. Yaya . . me la.

1) G  は 。。。。。 、 G は。。。。。 (written in the test paper)
G  は 。。。。。 、 H は。。。。。 (asked to be changed as so)
H  は 。。。。。 、 G は。。。。。 (wat I changed to)

There goes my marks.

2) ' 回転 ' was the answer, I wrote ' 回軸 '
' 平向' was the answer, n I wrote ' 平面 '

Again, my marks bid farewell to me.
It wasn't a Japanese test, yet my poor Japanese spoilt my marks. Haha. Wat else could I do . . . Besides, laughing at myself ?
Lesson learned, do prepare one's language no matter wat paper u're sitting for ! *Laughs*

Ok, it's a new semester. Although classes may start with test papers' discussions, and causes unsatisfaction in me, hah ! I'm not gonna let it pull me down. High spirits just like the color red I might hold, stronger I may come in tis second semester of mine !

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