Sunday, 27 September 2009

Boring yet interesting weekend

My weekends seldom end up stranded in hostel or even in Oyama (city of mine) excepts during exam periods. It was so back in PPKTJ, and it remains until now. But, it may change soon. Precisely, now. I've been spending yen-s like a millionaire, eating like a king for the whole summer break. It ain't the way of a student should be isn't it? Kinda feel guilty for it. Haha. Hence, I made up my mind to stop the 'stream' of my fast flowing money. Saving, should be what a student be doing. Agree? Haha.

Since I'm not going to Shibuya, Shinjuku etc (those were places I spent a lot during weekends), I started my day just when the sun started to 'burn' my butt. No kidding around, but that's the truth. Sun shines straight into my room everyday. Whole day I mean.

After had my lunch ( ma-po tofu and fried dumplings), I worked out on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Application Form. I'd took the level 3 and 2 test back in M'sia and I'm gonna take level 1 this time. Japanese system is kinda weird. If back in M'sia, we'll have level 1 as the easiest and it increase as the number goes on, but in Japan it's the other way round.

Application Form.

After filling everything up, we cycled to the post office nearby. Thinking it might be open on saturdays, we cycled there under big sun. I think anyone can guess out what happened next la. It was close. Haha. Nothing can be done but to wait for monday.

We got back, and I finally got a speaker set for my labtop.


It wasn't a new one. Got it second-hand from my college-mate, D.Sheng for 3500yen (he bought it for 9000yen). The speaker is part of my money saving plan. By buying it, owning a better sound system, it might prevent me from outings, spending more times on music, dramas and movies. Might it work or not, let's see. Haha.

Next, I had the most extreme part of the day. Me, D.Sheng and Agung (Indonesian senior) had our exercise session. First, we had soccer. Just imagine 3 guys playing in a damn big field, how much we had run. Haha. Next, we played basketball. Exhausted, we just had some shooting around. Lastly, ping-pong. It was 2 hours+ of non-stop sports man !

Dinner as usual, and for my supper, I had something new. French toast. (honestly I wasn't quite sure whether it is) Haha. 'French toast' came across us (me n Agung) while we were chatting and I decided to have a try. Agung was the chef, I was the . . ehmm . . . watcher. Haha.

First, mix 2 eggs, 2 big spoons of sugar, milk and butter. (the amount of ingredients depends on yourself)
Secondly, add in the bread.

Just like tat. :)

Next, of course it's time to fry.

On the frying pan.

Fry it until it turns gold in color. (isn't it always written so in recipe books?) Haha.
And it's ready to eat !

Homemade french toast.

Tada ~
Looks delicious huh?Honestly speaking, I thought the other way. Milk was over added in my opinion. Most importantly, I accidentally passed him the salt when he asked for sugar. It was a bit late when I lastly found out but we managed to 'dig' out some. Haha. Anyway, not bad for first timer. Going to try some other time. We ate while watching BPL (Barclays Premier League) matches, featuring Liverpool vs Hull City, Stoke City, vs Manchester United and Wigan vs Chelsea. We, Liverpool fan and Manchester United fan were on the happy side with victories and saw Chelsea's 100% winning record ended with a defeat at the DW Stadium. Great job Wigan ! (no offense ya Chelsea fans) :P

Late, time to go to bed.


叶子 said...

Ohh..v wil take 1kyuu on dis dec too. gud luck! nvr think to make "french toast"..XD may try nex tm kaka.

Dancing sheep said...

wah...that's ur french toast arrr?
safe to eat punya bo?