Friday, 2 October 2009

Second semester kicked off !

Second semester get kicked off yesterday. Although I'd been attending classes since last week but it was a 1 week replacement due to H1N1 just right before my summer break(mentioned in the last post). So, my second semester officially started yesterday, meaning no more fooling around, serious business gets right on the way. *grins*
Let's have a look on my new timetable. (they don't even give u a copy of it. So it's hand written.)

Jail's punishment schedule huh? Haha.

This time it is more packed compared to the previous one. 6 to 7 free periods gone down to 3 ! Hectic lifestyle predicted until the day I fly back to M'sia, that would be next Feb.

I expected a tiring school day for today(friday) as there're 3 mechanical subjects which I suppose are the toughest among the toughs. (honestly, all are equally,tough!) Haha. But, thank god, the lecturers for the afternoon classes didn't able to turn up and it changed to a talk-listening session for the 3rd years', 4th years', and 5th years' mechanical students.

It was a talk given by Uematsu-san who owns uematsu denki(uematsu electric) located in Hokkaido. Uematsu-san is a great successor who didn't went into top universities such as Tokyo University but enjoys great success in life, doing things he loved. I would like to share some of the points he talked about(of cause not all la, because I don't understand all. Haha.) + some of my own thoughts.

Dreams, are things one like, and one would like to try.
Work/Job, is what we give out/provide to the community.

I bet everyone do have dreams deep inside your hearts, let it be small ones or big ones. Dreams, that make one live in this world. Dreams, which suppose to be one's target to achieve something in life. Dreams, that kept one on going. Dreams ain't limited to one, yet many. As long as it's a thing you like it, and would like to give it a try, that counts as a dream of yours.

Dream can do, reality can do.

Not to laugh at one's failure.
It has been a nature for us, human beings to make jokes, to tease, to make fun of others' failure. ' Loser', 'dumb', 'fool' are words been thrown towards them. These harsh words eventually lead to dissatisfaction or bashfulness to those who failed. Things end up with the conclusion, fail = disgrace, and it became the mindset of one and everyone of us. Failure isn't something which we should be ashame of but as an extra lesson for us to learn, just in an indirect way.
Welcome failure with a smile, and success is just right in front of you !
So guys, not to tease your friends who face failures but do give them a hand.

Next, is one of my beliefs.
God is always fair.(meaning reasonable and just, not light in color) Haha.
I personally believe that god treats each and everyone of us in this world fairly. Good things and bad ones come and go as life goes on. There isn't such thing like, ' oh, I own a bad life, no success for me in life', 'bad luck ruins my whole life'. These are just excuses made by those lazy fellows. Always believe that whenever one faces tough moments, crucial moments in life, it means good things are just right in front of you. It's just a matter of time. So, for those who are facing difficulties in life, do be patient and may luck will turn to you soon, and for those who succeed, do be self-prepared as precaution for the next upcoming event.(I'm not going to point it out as positive or negative ones.)

It was a great 90 minutes talk and that was the end of this week's class. =)

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