Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Summer 09 *Bonus* - Kisarazu 木更津

This was another trip of ours planned during our 2nd trip at kansai. Haha.
The story began when i wanted to learn baking cheese cake from one of my friend and we came out with the idea of making Kisarazu Kousen our 'base'. 19th of Sep, our gathering got kick started with karaoke session at a karaoke box located just at the side of Kisarazu Kousen. ' Manekineko' karaoke box over there offers great deal with just 1 yen per hour during weekdays, unfortunately it was a public holiday tat day, meaning normal price 100 yen per hour. Karaoke session lasted for 3 hours until 5.30pm.
Next, we split into 2 groups. One, to buy steamboat foods. Another, to buy cheese cake ingredients. I, who wanted to learn baking cheese cake, of coz followed the girls to shop for those ingredients.

Ingredients needed.

Biscuits, cream cheese, butter, creamy milk, sugar are needed.

Preparing the base.

We had Wei Ling n Lydia preparing the base of the cake. Crunching them into powder like, n then filling up the bottom of the tray.

80 grams of sugar.

Mix it with 2 eggs n 3 big spoons of flour.

Here comes the tough part of all. (for me)

Stirring everything up.

It was tiring to hold the machine, stirring it until it turns from yellow color to black. It took me about 15 minutes I guess.
Adding in cream cheese, n stir it well.

Pour it into the tray.

170 celsius for 40 minutes.

Steamboat session.
While waiting for the cake, we continued with our steamboat session, joined by another senior of ours, Elaine. We kept quite silent at the beginning,(I wonder is it because of having a senior with us) but everything went smooth on later.(Elaine senpai did joined in well n we had real fun with her around, meaning more joke) Haha. We talked much about our kansai trip, since some of them didn't joined us n would like to listen about those interesting things happened. Beh, was our story-teller of the nite.(she always was though) I can sense tat everyone did enjoy the trip much more than the Hokkaido one, (Hokkaido hardly be mentioned)although they keep complaining about me, the trip organizer for torturing them. Those including making them to stay overnight at a karaoke, walking wrong directions, wasting 100 yen for a short distance bus . . . bla bla bla. Haha. But, it was these tat makes tis trip interesting. Isn't it? Sometimes, imperfection does makes perfection. (they'll say, "See la ! do wrong ade somemore wan to argue !" Haha.

Cheese cake.
Tada ~
Here comes our cheese cake. We had to wait up to few hours before taking it out from the refrigerator. Just nice when we finished our steamboat. Dessert time !

Piece of it.
Lovely isn't it?
The texture wasn't tat nice i thought though. Maybe a lil bit more of flour may do. =)
We cleaned up everything, had our bath (since morning), n they watched ' 新光 ' a Taiwan singing competition via youtube. Me, ended my nite at the same time (I don't watch tat). Haha.

The next day, we head to the Embassy of Malaysia in Japan for the Hari Raya festival. It was our 1st time visiting it because it was under renovation when the time we reached here. Located about 20 minutes on feet from Shibuya Station.

Kedutaan Besar Malaysia.

It should be a place we felt home isn't it. But, for no reason we felt kinda weird inside it. There weren't much people we know inside there, except some pegawai we met during a camp held not long ago. We found our way to the food area.(tat's wat we're there for) Haha. None of us felt really comfortable over there honestly speaking. Don't ask me y. Just felt so. Most of us expected some kuih raya, rendang n so on. But . . . hmm . . . We had some talk with our MSAJ president, Ah Boon n left the place after about 1 hour later.


We went to Ikebukuro, another shopping heaven in Tokyo. There wasn't anything special there but we just had a go on it since we haven't been to there. I guess it was my first n also last time there. Hehe.

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