Thursday, 6 August 2009

Utsunomiya 1 Day Trip

To begin my summer vacation, I decided to pay a 1 day visit to the biggest town in Tochigi prefecture, the place I'm living in. It's kinda weird not to have visited the biggest town around since it's nearby rite? So, me n dongsheng *my college-mate* decided to have a go. Lets see through some photos while I give a brief throughout my trip. =)

Here it is. Utsunomiya Station. XD

We initially thought of taking bus to our destinations but decided to go on feet, using te map we took from te train station. XD * we wasn't really sure where we wanted to go actually. HAHA Lazy to plan* XP

1st desnation. Futaarayama Shrine. Hmm.. nth special about it honestly. Just like any other temples in Japan. HEHE

Utsunomiya is a place famous wit it's dumplings. I did do some research about nice dumplings around that area but wasn't so sure about te location. While trying our luck around, I accidentally saw there were crowds . . . lining-up for a dumpling shop !

See?? It's just a small shop named MinMin, but owns many branches in Utsunomiya. And guess wat, we're at te main shop !! HOHOHO

OPSS !! * Wipe wipe wipe* watch our for ur saliva. XP
Hmm..honestly speaking, it wasn't as tasty as it looks like. Dun ever belief tat dumplings in Utsunomiya are the best ! 'Faking truth' we shall call it perhaps?? XD

' Memorial Park ' written on the map attracted us. We reached after 30mins on feet, asking around here n there. I was hoping it won't be something disappointing after such tiring walk.

Isn't it 'big' ??
The worst was . . .

It's just a small corner at a T-junction !!!! Wat the ... !!!!!!!!
U surely cant understand my feelings seeing tat after finding it for such a long time.

Hmm . . . unfinished lame business yet . . .

'Biggest Tree' ??!! HUH??!! How they dare to put something like tis on Utsunomiya Travel Pamphlet??!! Again, it was beside the road side, corner of another T-Junction. Come on . . . We have plently of these back in our Zoo Negara in Malaysia don't we ? HAHA

A nice place to rest our wounded legs n a cup of nice drink was wat we were looking for. Starbucks Coffee was ideal. =)

Java Chip Frappuccino n New York Chesse Cake. Yummy yummy~ HAHA

At the end, wat I can finally say is, tis would be my 1st n my last visit to Utsunomiya . . . HAHA
I'm not coming again . . . ever . . .
To my frens in Japan, dun ever dare u guyz think of going there too.
* especially to taste their dumplings. Those sold in Jusco are nicer I suppose * XD


lew said...

i never know that it was so lousy~_~

Pui San said...

Ya lo, sumtimes wazawaza find the famous foods at certain plc, but at las found it not reli tasty as expectation +.+ but they look tasty XD