Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Piano

" Hmm.. no. Turn your finger like tis to play te note la. Haiyo.. "

I dreamt that I was teaching piano again !! HAHA
Woke wit a smile with those memories flying back into my head, it did make me miss my piano ever again. Yesterday.
I learnt playing the piano since i was 6, until i passed my G 8 at 16. It was indeed a period full of sadness n laughters. HAHA I wasn't really into it from the beginning but eventually got te interest soon later, and really enjoyed it. =)
Waited til yesterday nite to ask my sis to take a photo of our house piano n send it to me. Just for fun la. XD

K.KAWAI piano I played until today. * not kawaii (which means cute in japanese) la.. *
Kinda old one already and my both sis kept on asking for a new 1 but i secretly told mummy no need ! since they dun play so often. (including me la) HAHA

But wat I really miss wasn't the period i learnt piano, it was the period I was a part-time piano teacher back in 2007. While waiting for my SPM results, I went for a try in a music center nearby my house n interviewed for a piano teacher vacancy. Lucky enough for me, I got it. XD
I didn't really liked it at the beginning becoz te boss there, was really . . . BOSSY !! HAHA I was grateful tat i didn't gave up n continued to the end becoz it was really an interesting job. I wasn't just able to get close with music, but also . . . KIDS !! Yea . . . I do love kids, very very much. HEHE
Most of my students were small kids aged 5-9 yrs old. Of coz there were adults too, including a veterinarian. He was like " hah? he a? how come so young? " when the secretary told him I'm gonna be his teacher. HAHA Guess wat, he came from a same school wit me, Jit Sin High School !
Ehemm.. Of coz the one who appeared in my dream wasn't him. HAHA
It was THEM !

The 1st 3 photos belongs to the same gal, Yuet Kei.
Last one, forgotten her name @@

Cute, adorable, funny, interesting
Are the words to descride them.

Yuet Kei. I always tease her english name. " How come har.. ur chinese name is yue4 qi2 but ur english name is yuet kei de har..not same at all de.. " HAHA Saw the 2nd photo? Isn't it kinda weird? Can u see te chair?? HAHA I asked her to start playing while I was busy entertaining another student, but I cant hear she playing. Turned over my head, I saw her busy covering the chair with her dress ! HAHA

Forgotten name gal. For a sudden, she started wiping her tears while doing theory !! Shocked, I asked her why. She said she doesn't know how to do. HAHA Anyway, she was my best student i think.

Their mum or dad would accompany them upstairs to the music center for every lesson and carried their bags for them. And I stil remembered for the 1st lesson for Yuet Kei, she didn't wan her mummy to leave te room, she was scared of me. HAHA But it just lasted for the very 1st n last time. Since then, she evolved into a 'monkey' . HEHE

It was just a few months of experience there after I had to continue my studies again. Bidding farewell to them, they said I was bluffing them n Yuet Kei even told her mummy. Not telling tat I'm no longer teaching her again, but she told tat I bluff her I'm not teaching again. HAHA Wat a cute lil gal. And wat a dream to see her again ! =)

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